Legal Marijuana and Its New Impact on Employment
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Legal Marijuana and Its New Impact on Employment

A common question that arose once California legalized recreational marijuana is, “How does that impact drug testing policies?” The change in policy has caused a number of companies to take a look at their own drug policies in regard to employee status, while other companies are still willing...

California Law: What to Know About Reverse Mortgages

California Law: What to Know About Reverse Mortgages

Most people do not realize what a reverse mortgage is, let alone what the laws in California are on them. But this money-saving information can be invaluable, so it’s important to acquaint yourself with California laws regarding reverse mortgages. A reverse mortgage is a different kind of...

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California Law: Side Effects of Prescription Medication

Many people do not think that side effects of an otherwise harmless prescription medication can kill you. While many of the outcomes don’t end in death, these medications can cause lasting damage. There are times when proper research isn’t done during clinical trials or a drug was rushed out to the...


California Law: Factors Judges Use When Making Child Custody Decisions

There is probably no family law issue that is more stressful than disputes over child custody. Whether they arise as part of a divorce or as a dispute between unwed parents, trying to balance the best interests of a child against the wishes of the parents can be a difficult decision for a judge to...


California Law: The Limits on Damages for Uninsured Drivers

If you are driving without insurance and you are involved in an accident, you can still get an attorney and file a lawsuit for damages, but it’s important to understand that there are limitations in terms of your compensation for personal injuries. It’s alarming to know that one out of every seven...

Ask the County Law Librarian: How Do I Get a Lien on Mom's House?

Ask the County Law Librarian: How Do I Get a Lien on Mom’s House?

Q. I had been living in the family home with my mother up until she died a few months back. I am a good handyman, and I have spent a lot of time and money fixing the house up. I’ve also paid the property taxes a couple of years when Mom couldn’t afford to. Now that she’s passed, my brother and I...

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Ask the County Law Librarian – Contesting a Red Light Camera Ticket

Q. Last week, I was in the process of turning on a green turn signal when it quickly changed to yellow and then red. Before I was completely through the intersection, I noticed camera flashes that caught all three cars in the intersection (myself, and the cars ahead of and behind me). I am at a...


Ask the County Law Librarian: Where to Get Free Tax Preparation

Q-I am looking for tax assistance and forms and I’ve heard libraries offer this service. Does the law library have someone who can help me with my taxes? S.W. Hart A- Thank you for your question. While it is true that many public libraries have tax forms and limited assistance, we do not offer...

parking ticket

Ask the County Law Librarian – Feeding parking meters

Q: I recently received a parking ticket for parking at a meter for too long. I had fed the meter, so it was not expired when I was ticketed. Is it really illegal to do that? I thought as long as the meter was fed, I was OK. – Terri A: Despite popular belief, feeding a parking meter will not...

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