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Coastal Beauty
Photo of the Week

Coastal Beauty

“The sun broke free from rainy skies just as it neared the dusk’s horizon, putting quite the show. Low clouds hugged the Mendocino coast and higher clouds moved along in the pink evening sky. By the time the sun set just 30 minutes later, nearly every cloud disappeared and the...

marketing ideas
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5 Marketing Ideas for Amazing Growth

It’s estimated that there will be around 14,000 new franchises were established in 2018. How, then, do you make yours stand out in the crowd? It’s hard, whether or not the franchise you chose is one of the most popular or a lesser-known brand. Fortunately, with these franchise marketing...

music lessons
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How Do Music Lessons For Kids Teach Discipline?

If you’ve heard somewhere that music lessons are a great way to teach discipline, rest assured it’s true. But how exactly does discipline evolve from music? Kids are naturals at lots of activities. From building with blocks to creating art to playing make-believe, there are some things that need...

rico hudspeth
Photo of the Week

Purple Mountains

This week’s stunning Photo of the Week is by professional photographer Rico Hudspeth. Here’s a behind the scenes look from Rico about what it took to capture this photo: I took time out of the day on New Years Eve to capture this image of Convict Lake in Mammoth California. I showed up...

SacPress Deals: What We Love This Week
SacPress Deals

SacPress Deals: What We Love This Week

It’s time for our weekly round-up of the deals over at SacPress Deals that we’re most excited about. Here’s what we’re loving this week…and why you should grab the deal before they’re gone! See Biz Markie @ Ace of Spades, 12/22 – Only $5! Why We Love...

Sunrise Waffles - $15 for $20 of Homemade Goodness
SacPress Deals

Sunrise Waffles – $15 for $20 of Homemade Goodness

Established in 1991, Sunrise Waffle Shop has been a place to go for 27 years to get delish breakfast, lunch, and brunch dishes with homemade flare. They earned good food nods being voted as the best restaurant in six categories for more than 12 years. Sunrise Waffle offers a wide variety of [of...

Pause Coffee - 50% Off
SacPress Deals

Pause Coffee – 50% Off

Pause Coffee brings artisan coffee to an area of Sacramento that’s less infiltrated with good coffee options. Valiant Coffee is the name of the game at Pause, giving the coffee-craving masses excellent taste from this local roaster. The coffee shop provides 2600 sq. ft. space and an industrial...

New This Week & Top Events
SacPress Deals

Custom Brewing Experience for Two @ You Brew It

Brew your own beer! You Brew It is a brew on premise location where brewing specialists walk you through the process of brewing your own batch of beer. You’ll go home with 5 gallon batch of beer (up to $85), which equates to 48-52 12oz. bottles. This custom brewing can be experienced solo or for...

Sacramento Press Launches SacPress Deals
SacPress News Things to Do

Sacramento Press Launches SacPress Deals

A long time in the making, Sacramento Press is excited to announce that we’ve launched SacPress Deals, a fully functioning deals website that features savings on products and services from businesses around Sacramento. The drive behind creating SacPress Deals was to create something that gave...

We Launched a New Site! Here's What's New
SacPress News

We Launched a New Site! Here’s What’s New

If you’re reading this, you’ve likely noticed that things look a little different around here. That’s because we launched a new website and we’re excited to invite you to explore what’s new. The site is a mere reflection of a couple years of work shaping who we are and...

Letter to the Editor: In Light of Paris and San Bernardino
Community Voice

Letter to the Editor: In Light of Paris and San Bernardino

In light of the recent, tragic events in Paris and San Bernardino, I feel compelled to voice my opinion as a concerned American citizen. Let me first say how saddened I am by these events, and how my heart goes out to these innocent victims and their families who have unjustly suffered at the hands...

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