Author - Nolan Erck

Nolan ErckNolan Erck is a freelance musician, techie and writer. He can be found reviewing music related things and blogging for a variety of websites. When not writing for websites, Nolan is usually producing and recording with artists in the studio or performing live with his own band Nolan & The Last Action Heroes.

Jimmy Eat World
Music Review

Jimmy Eat World + Verno = A Perfect Sunday Show

Reviewing a show is easy when the band is good. Rarely is a show perfect, for there’s often a point or two of constructive criticism that can be included. And if the reviewer is doing nothing but gushing like a fanboy, it can often feel like a fake account of what happened. Maybe the writer...

Music Review

The Many Rewards of City of Trees 2018 [Photos}

Sacramento is a lucky town. By my count there were roughly a zillion great live music options this past weekend in our fair city. Among them was the City of Trees Music Festival, celebrating its fourth annual year. The all-day affair was sold out, chock-full of great music and food, and easily one...

Arts Community Voice

An Open Letter to the Mighty Mighty Bosstones

Dear Mighty Mighty Bosstones, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not uber familiar with your catalog. I know the hits, various songs from compilations and soundtracks, but not a whole lot more. Add to that, ska is a genre about which I can be quite picky. During the 90s ska rage, many...

Martin Gore of Depeche Mode
Music Review

Depeche Mode Still Reigning Kings of Concerts and Synth Pop

On Thursday night, Depeche Mode proved once again why they are the reigning kings of concert tours. The legendary synth-pop pioneers are currently the largest selling act in the world, passing by Bruno Mars, Adele, and even Taylor Swift. And they are worth every penny.  The two-hour sold out show...

Music Review

Descendents Give It Their All at Ace Of Spades [Photos]

Descendents are back! And in a big way! A few years ago the punk legends began playing shows again and have been touring regularly ever since.  Rather than resting on their laurels and merely cycling thru the same set list of hits, Descendents have been on a caffeinated full speed ahead path...

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