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5 Industries Currently Thriving in Sacramento

We all love Sacramento and everything it has to offer. But besides the incredible weather, proximity to the beach and wine country, and the lower cost of living compared to the rest of the state, there are also other things that make Sacramento great — like the workforce.

Sacramento gives many jobs the opportunity to thrive based on the industry, community, and workforce. If you’re looking for new Sacramento job opportunities in industries that are thriving, take a look at this list below of industries to consider.

Wine Industry

If you love wine, Sacramento is the place for you. With over 200 wineries and plenty of diverse soil in and around the city, wineries have the opportunity to thrive. By working in a winery, you’re literally surrounded by passionate people, beautiful views, and of course, wine. Not only do you get to help make the wine, however, you can probably aid in testing the taste as well.

Working in a winery can get you a decent average salary as well. In 2018, the salaries for winery workers raised 2.7% as the industry’s economy continues to strengthen. One more thing to keep in mind about working in a winery is that it’s going to take hard work and dedication. It is a physical challenge to cover so much land and you have to have knowledge of the wines you’re making. If you have passion and drive, however, this is the job for you.

Marketing Industry

Chief Marketing Officers in Sacramento make an astonishingly high salary — over $254k on average, which is higher than any other large city. But while being a CMO is a stretch for many in the marketing industry, there are still plenty of marketing opportunities in the area that contribute to Sacramento’s glory.

There are plenty of marketing related conferences in Sacramento as well, such as the Digital Marketing Strategies Conference and Sacramento Marketing’s Women’s Empowerment Conference. The state of California is also home to a large marketing community, so just living in Sacramento brings you closer to many other marketing communities.

Life Sciences & Health Care Industry

According to the City of Sacramento, the life sciences and health care industry in Sacramento is home to over 98,000 jobs and brings in over $8.64 billion annually. It also accounts for around 20% of total payroll in the city’s entire workforce. Working in the life sciences and health care industry in Sacramento is definitely a good option no matter what, as there are plenty of opportunities at UC Davis, Kaiser, and Mercy.

The industry itself in Sacramento has grown by 23% in the last four years. Health care and life sciences workers are always in demand. Many of these jobs can be tough, but they are extremely rewarding if you have a passion for helping people.


Construction Industry

Recently, Sacramento has started a plethora of new construction jobs, with some of the largest being the Upper Westside Master Plan, the Sacramento Commons, and the Kings Sleep Train Arena. Employment in the construction industry in Sacramento has also increased since 2010, and was the top industry in 2018 with the lowest unemployment.

Working in construction isn’t just walking around in reflective vests and hard hats. This industry requires a lot of problem solving and management skills to get the job done. If you have a passion for figuring out how things work together, collaboration, and coordination, this may be the industry for you.


This one is the obvious answer, as Sacramento is the capital of California. Working in a capital city is great if you’re interested or already involved in government. There are tons of opportunities and room for growth in a city where a lot of state-wide decisions are made. There’s also the local Sacramento government as well, which is a great entry-way into state government and politics.

The government of Sacramento accounts for one-third of people employed in the city, so you’d definitely be around plenty of people who are in a similar community. If you have a passion for Sacramento or California in general, working in the government is a great way to give back to your community.

No matter where you end up, it’s a pleasure to work in Sacramento. It’s beautiful, you can actually afford to live here, and it’s a great sized city with a great amount of activity. Even if you aren’t interested in working in government, living in the capital of a state has unique benefits of its own. Make sure you do your research before entering a new job, new city, or both. Just know that if you end up in Sacramento, you won’t regret it!

5 Industries Currently Thriving in Sacramento via @sacramentopress

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