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SACRAMENTO, CA - JUNE 25: Ivy Sole at Momo's Lounge.

An artist’s first tour is often a special occasion for celebration and a vulnerable display of their work through an undiscovered land of self-exploration and measured resilience. When Philadelphia’s Ivy Sole bought her debut FEMMETAPE Tour to Sacramento’s Momo Lounge on Tuesday, she was faced with the realities of an artist’s growing pains—a matter she has built upon within her latest album ‘Overgrown.’

To dig through the trenches, Sole brought Washington’s Parisalexa and Portland’s Blossom along for the tour to compliment her femme-powered machine of independent artistry. In addition, local artists Kendra DeAnna and Nia Joe held their own glow on stage to kick off the night’s intimate set of performances.

Without hesitation, Sole took the stage and demanded those in their seats to get on their feet. While the demand felt necessary, her opening song “Lovely Fiction” would have likely done the same. Appropriately the opening song on her album, Sole raps to her non-existent offspring with a buoyant flow that ends with a delicate acapella you only get to hear in person.

Similarly, she ends her forthright track “Malika” with a tender rendition of Khalid’s “Location,” further demonstrating her ability to bounce between assertive raps and supple harmonies. While it often feels like Sole mutes her confidence, tracks such as “Backwoods,” which steadily remains a mellow track, makes it clear her path to serenity did not come easy.

From there she takes her vocal range on a seductive descent for “Rollercoaster,” where lyrics such as “you gon’ hate me till you love me again” and “we fuss and we fight but you can’t get enough of me,” show off her laid back certainty.

Despite the fact that both Ivy Sole and Parisalexa performed at this year’s Sol Blume festival, the audience was sparse on Tuesday night. For any disappointment they may have felt, the overall reception was a strong display of what perseverance can accomplish. With that same level of talent and tenacity, Sole is poised to breakthrough to much larger audiences soon enough. As her own song “Life” describes the process, “Life is short, life is simple, life is joy, life is pain, life is wonderful and terrible, but it’s beautiful, and love’s the same.”

Ivy Sole’s next project, The FEMMETAPE,’ which features both ParisAlexa and Blossom, is schedule for release sometime in the middle of July.

For more information on Ivy Sole and the FEMMETAPE, visit IvySole.com.

REVIEW: Ivy Sole’s FEMMETAPE Tour via @sacramentopress

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