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20 Years of Taking Back Sunday

Taking Back Sunday
SACRAMENTO - APRIL 16: Adam Lazzara of Taking Back Sunday at Ace of Spades.

While so many bands hardly reach a decade together, Taking Back Sunday is currently on their 20th anniversary tour, which made a two-night stop at Ace of Spades this Tuesday and Wednesday. The sold-out spectacles were supported by The Maine for a deafening set of performances that had many fans losing their voices by the end of the night.

For the current tour, Taking Back Sunday has been performing their debut album ‘Tell All Your Friends’ in its entirety and following it up with a special coin toss that determines whether they play 2004’s ‘Where You Want To Be’ or 2006’s ‘Louder Now.’ On Tuesday night, the coin would decide on ‘Where You Want To Be,’ which slightly disappointed a few fans and remained insignificant to the lucky ones that bought tickets for both nights.

SACRAMENTO – APRIL 16: Adam Lazzara of Taking Back Sunday at Ace of Spades.

Lead by the perpetually microphone swinging frontman Adam Lazzara, John Nolan (lead guitar, keyboards, vocals), Shaun Cooper (bass guitar), and Mark O’Connell (drums) made sure the night was not only fun but a reminder of why everyone fell in love with the band in the first place.

In an-going joke, Lazzara would constantly reference tracks from their 20 year career as if they started playing when they were only six or seven-years-old. Realizing the span of their music and the age range of the crowd, he would continue to make jokes but also thank the fans for allowing them to be a part of their lives as if everyone were a dear old friend.

Taking Back Sunday
SACRAMENTO – APRIL 16: Taking Back Sunday at Ace of Spades.

By the end of the night, it sure seemed like everyone came from the same era, singing along to “Cute Without The ‘E,'” “Timberwolves At New Jersey,” and “You’re So Last Summer.” Knowing the next song coming and feeling sure you’ll have someone to sing every word of it with is what most people are likely to remember.

As the band promotes their greatest hits album, ‘Twenty,’ they have mentioned this has been the first year in their career they are fully booked with touring, which goes to show just how much this band has meant to so many fans throughout a special trailblazing career.

For more information on Taking Back Sunday and where they will be next, visit TakingBackSunday.com.

20 Years of Taking Back Sunday via @sacramentopress

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