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Hands Up! Leikeli47 Wants To See You Strike Your Pose

SACRAMENTO, CA – APRIL 15: Leikeli47 at Harlow's Nightclub.

Sporting her staple black mask and baby bamboo earrings, Leikeli47 took over Harlow’s Nightclub on Monday with Brooklyn style and grace. Joined by Atlanta’s Yung Baby Tate, the two have been making their way across the United States this year on the Acrylic Tour, which supports Leikeli47’s latest studio album, ‘Acrylic.’

Filled with infectious rhythms and fresh flows that feel like a new wave in hip-hop, ‘Acrylic’ is the type of album that demands to be felt live. Just about any song on the album, and most of her body of work for that matter, summons a confident energy that could instantly walk a catwalk or the sidewalk alike.

While Monday’s show may not have been sold out, those who showed up brought more than enough of this energy to make it a memorable night. In less than hour, Leikeli47 would create moments that surely changed individual’s lives for the better as the encouraging crowd proved to be as supportive for the multi-talented artist on stage as they were for the strangers to their side.

SACRAMENTO, CA – APRIL 15: Leikeli47 with local fan Trace Landrum at Harlow’s Nightclub.

Throughout the night three individual fans were welcomed on stage to Vogue, pose and set themselves free with Leikeli47, but it was local fan Trace Landrum who served the crowd the most as cheers for his moment on stage may have been the loudest felt all night. For the aspiring dancer to be called upon during his favorite song, serendipity was in full effect.

“It was really crazy because she’s a really big inspiration for me,” said Landrum after the show. “I was just doing dance as a hobby and then I discovered her music and it really just vibed with me and it’s the reason I want to do this for the rest of my life.”

For someone who has noted James Baldwin, Maya Angelou and Jay Z as major influences, Leikeli47 embodies the bold and empathetic qualities of a leader. She constantly takes time out of her show to remind the audience that their dreams of being “on stage” are attainable “no matter what your stage may be.”

As Leikeli47’s mask represents freedom, the lyrics in her music and her on-stage repartee further instill a positive approach to “losing yourself” in the moment, while not letting that moment wither.

SACRAMENTO, CA – APRIL 15: Leikeli47 at Harlow’s Nightclub.

In leading by example, she officially stepped into the music world in 2017 with her debut album ‘Wash & Set,’ which was followed by ‘Acyrlic’ in 2018. While there is no official word of a new album this year, it is known to be titled ‘Shape Up,’ to complete a “Beauty Series” trilogy that aims to normalize Black beauty standards.

With beautiful harmonies that accentuate songs like, “2nd Fiddle,” “In My Eyes” and “CIAA,” Leikeli47 is well on her way to standing apart from most rappers and producers, which are appellations she has well conquered. The way her vocals penetrate through the production on ‘Acrylic’ is further presented during her live set, which she proactively confirms with the crowd, as a testament to her dedication to them and her craft. While she actively thanks fans for their support, it is sincerely her creative brashness that supports her listeners’ passions, in the same capacity most legends are established.

For more information on Leikeli47 and the Acrylic Tour, visit Leikeli47.com.

Photos by Cesar Alexander.

Hands Up! Leikeli47 Wants To See You Strike Your Pose via @sacramentopress

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