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Timeless Thrills: Sacramento’s Premier Capsule Brand

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On November 1, 2011, Tyler Wichmann and his then girlfriend Jessica, created a Facebook page for Timeless Thrills, a lifestyle brand that would embody Sacramento’s youthful spirit long before the brand had its name above its J Street location. Since launching, Timeless Thrills has provided a collaborative environment with the bearings to outlast generations to come, rooted in their classic slogan, “Stay Timeless, Catch Thrills.”

Over the years, Tyler and Jessica would fortify their own collaboration as they would become husband and wife, forged in supporting one another and expanding the brand with like-minded artists, individuals, and brands across the city and beyond. The success of its first collection in Spring of 2012, would come as a reflection of the many years Tyler spent as a youth investing in the culture established in Sacramento’s cherished Getta Clue, which would become the first retail store to carry their product.

“That was a big deal for us,” recalls Tyler. “I went to Sutter Middle School down the street and we used to take the bus down there everyday after school. Being able to stock that in Getta Clue was wild and it just kind of took off at that point in 2012, so we just kind of rolled from there.”

Without any official training in design nor photography, Timeless Thrills would become a trial and error project that would see more success than failure, always rooted in the “thrill” of seeing which doors could be opened. Of course, with a bachelor’s degree in business management and the title of “best dressed” in high school, Tyler had the ability to observe his own strengths and weaknesses to push the brand forward, with his intrinsic tastes leading the way.

“I’m not as talented with a pen or a pencil,” said Tyler. “That’s never really been my background, so anything I design it’s purely computer graphics for the most part. Being able to put stuff out that’s not that, with people that we’ve grown to become friends with and have these relationships with, is as good as it gets.”

Since 2011, Timeless Thrills has worked with artists from across Sacramento and the Bay Area to Paris, France, always reinforcing its ideology of “good times forever.” This spirit would manifest a brick-and-mortar in January of 2016, where the brand’s online collection of customer analysis would come to life in the form of community events, harbored in the culture of music and arts.

“If I could do an event every weekend I would, but you know, time, money, proper situations and so forth,” explains Tyler. “That’s become kind of what we seem to do here, is you know, new drops that correlate with an event that correlate with food, or beer and drinks, and a lot of art, a lot of photo galleries, art shows, we’ve actually done live music in here a few times, but yeah, the store has definitely become a direct extension of the brand.”

A few weeks ago, the Timeless Thrills flagship store celebrated three years of championing Sacramento in its own fashion. The event encapsulated the store and brand’s strengths, showcasing its exclusive Off the Clock IPA, food from Los Jarritos, which has collaborated with the brand in the past, and music provided by DJ Mez, with a few of Sacramento’s most-favored entrepreneurs in attendance.

While Timeless Thrills is inherently aimed to capture a younger audience, Tyler recalls a time in its early days when an elderly man’s enthusiasm changed his perception of its overall potential.

“He was obsessed with the name and how it was timeless and the whole ‘stay timeless’ aspect,” recalls Tyler. “We had some garments at that time that had the original design and I always remember that, because that was like a light bulb moment where I was like, ‘wow, this appeals to an entire age group that we never even thought we would tap into.’”

Walking into the flagship store on any given day, one could hear the late Mac Miller, Sade, Kaytranada, Hall & Oates, The Smiths, Smokey Robinson and A Tribe Called Quest, all while browsing through the store’s latest collection. In this same breadth, a father and son could find themselves intrigued by a variety of pieces that neither would find anywhere else in the city—neither in previous years, nor in the future—for each collection is limited to its time of release.

“We’ve never reproduced the same item twice in almost eight years now,” explains Tyler. “We’ve brought designs back, like on new items, or new colors, or in a new way, but we’ve never reproduced the same item twice. So in a sense, our items and everything we put out is timeless, because it’s never going to be reproduced again. So I kind of feel like if you have stuff, it’s kind of like collector’s items over the years, if you hold on to it.”

As Jessica points out, this exclusivity is a gift and a curse they have always kept in mind, but fundamentally embraced as many of their greatest designs have sold out when capturing a piece of Sacramento history, ultimately becoming a part of its history as well. Most notably, their “It Will Always Be ARCO,” “Marie’s Donuts,” and “Sacramento SPCA” capsules have brought pipe dreams and community pride to the forefront of what Timeless Thrills aims to be.

With its many facets, including an online bulletin, ping pong league, online and physical shop, Timeless Thrills has been able to reach an impressive collection of milestones over the years by staying true to its roots on a daily basis. However, Tyler and Jessica believe their current space could be used to introduce Sacramento to foreign communities by simply providing the space to present others’ work, as they successfully accomplished recently with Bay Area artist Kuya George.

“You know it’s always the opposite,” explains Jessica. “Everyone’s always going to The Bay from Sacramento, because that’s where a lot of the popping [stuff] kind of is, so it’s cool, we did a pop-up with him and it was like people were going kind of fanboy on him, like ‘oh s—, can you sign this,’ and ‘I’ve been following you.’ So, that was really cool to see Sacramento people get really excited about a Bay Area artist coming out here.”

Essentially, Timeless Thrills’ flagship store is growing to be a creative hub of discovery, where opportunities to network with local and non-local minds becomes a universal benefit for the city’s artistic community, which it has championed for since day one.

“That’s the type of [stuff] I’m trying to do,” states Tyler. “Even if you don’t know who we are, [or] you’ve never been to this space, you still want to come here for whatever it is that we’re offering. And not that we won’t do local s— anymore.”

What Timeless Thrills has been able to do best in eight years, and furthermore established in the last three years, is capture pieces of Sacramento history and culture with style, for anyone with a heart for the city is able to appreciate, now and forever.

The Timeless Thrills flagship store is open Tuesday through Saturday, from Noon to 6 p.m., where Tyler and Jessica welcome the community to experience its authenticity.

For more information on everything Timeless Thrills, visit TimelessThrills.com.

Timeless Thrills: Sacramento’s Premier Capsule Brand via @sacramentopress

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