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How To Prepare For Lightning In A Bottle, A Creative’s Weekend Getaway

The Do Lab’s Lightning in a Bottle starts next week and will go on through Memorial Day Weekend (May 23-28), but if you haven’t bought tickets yet there’s still time! Lightning in a Bottle, aka LIB, is music and arts festival with festivities that include dancing, yoga, live art and interactive experiences. The Do Lab created LIB with a mission to cultivate a community that promotes sustainability, health and creativity.

In order to make the most of your Memorial Day Weekend camping extravaganza, I’ve created a list on how to keep comfy at this restorative festival at San Antonio Recreation Center in Bradley, CA. When you’re going on any weekend trip it’s always important to make sure you pack everything to maximize your trip. Luckily this is our fourth time making the trip south for Lightning in a Bottle so we’ve compiled a few lists to make packing easy.

The Camping Basics:

  • 10×10 shade pop-up for much needed shade over your tent.
  • tent with breathable zipper flaps because it gets hot during the day and cold at night.
  • tarps to put under your tent and shade structure.
  • table to keep food off the ground.
  • plastic tent stakes sometimes it’s super windy and the extra support for your tent + shade structure is important if you want to ensure your temporary living space stays in its place for the weekend.
  • ice chest + dry ice how to preserve your food for the 3-5 day stay.
  • face mask / bandana the festival grounds are dusty and this helps protect your lungs.
  • portable shower / bucket to easily refill and use to rinse yourself off when you’re feeling extra grimy.
  • yoga mat for the yogis attending, there’s many different classes offered, check here.
  • picnic blanket something that has a that won’t stick to bark.
  • portable battery charger usually I promote unplugging at this festival, but it’s also important to have an energy source in case you need to call someone in case of an emergency or to navigate yourself home after the weekend is over.
  • clothing bring layers because it gets hot during the day and very cold at night.
  • weatherproof sleeping bag to keep warm at night time.

Festival Backpack Checklist:

  • ear plugs to protect your ears at the music stages.
  • reusable water bottles thank goodness for refillable water stations.
  • baby wipes great for keeping clean and using the restroom.
  • disposable cameras to capture candid memories.
  • journal take time to reflect on your time at the festival, go to a workshop or simply write.
  • sunscreen protect your skin from the sun.
  • portable fan to help yourself stay cool.

Lightning in a Bottle has built a community within the festival world of people looking for a creative outlet and a place to practice free expression. The Do Lab is known for building interactive structures for festivals, and Lightning in a Bottle is the place where they showcase some of their best work.

Below are some photos from Lightning in a Bottle 2017, to get you inspired!


Photos by Victoria Kobayashi.

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