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Sacramento’s Hottest (Newest) Music Festival: Sol Blume

sol - Sacramento's Hottest (Newest) Music Festival: Sol Blume

With a direct line to some of the hottest and forthcoming musical acts of today, the inaugural Sol Blume music festival, coming to Cesar Chavez Park on April 28, will be a momentous event for music fans in Sacramento. Presented by ENT Legends and CVLT Events, Sol Blume is catered toward fans of neo-soul, hip-hop, R&B and any other sub-genres that fit the scene.

At the top of lineup are three Grammy-nominated artists, Jhené Aiko, The Internet, and Goldlink, while the remaining acts are just as powerful with names sure to receive their grand acclaim in the year to come.

By the end of April, Miami’s Sabrina Claudio will bring her beloved ‘Confidently Lost’ and ‘About Time’ projects to life in Cesar Chavez Park, while Smino’s sultry raps from St. Louis will have crowds cheering on a catalog full of unforgettable lyrics.

Representing Northern California at Sol Blume will be the Bay Area’s own Rexx Life Raj, Kalin White and DJ Noodles.

In addition, Atlanta’s Berhana, San Antonio’s Xavier Omär, and the United Kingdom’s NAO, will present an unforgettable experience for Sacramento, as each artist has a particularly structured appeal that basks in their own local influences, while extending a universal charm.

It should come as no surprise to witness a special surprise or two when Sol Blume arrives in the City of Trees. Could Goldlink come out to join Xavier Omär on their mesmerizing joint, “No Way Out,” or could we be among the first audiences in the states to hear new music from The Internet this year? Whatever the case, it feels refreshing to have new adventures to look forward to with the Sacramento community.

ENT Legends have been bringing some of the world’s most sought after musical acts to Sacramento in recent years, which makes Sol Blume a celebration of sorts for everyone involved. Understandably, the company and its associates have been keeping true to their name as this festival, which celebrates “art, culture, love, social diversity, and good vibes,” is the culmination of all the hard work they have carried out over the years.

Phase 1 festival passes are on sale now and expected to sell out in the near future.

For more information on Sol Blume, visit SOLBLUME.com

sssol 576x720 - Sacramento's Hottest (Newest) Music Festival: Sol Blume

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