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OK Go Live Video Tour Review

Flipping the script on your average live show, Chicago’s OK Go performed in Redding on Wednesday in the first of a handful of Live Video performances this month, where the video was presented as the main attraction.

Damian Kulash, lead singer and guitarist of OK Go, described Wednesday’s show inside the historic Cascade Theatre to have a “living room feel.” Of course, most people are not fortunate enough to have a Grammy-award winning band perform two hours of their music video discography inside ones living room.

From their first appearance on “This American Life,” which turned out to be a lip-sync performance, to their award-winning videos and the ones “only three people saw,” their full visual timeline was put on display with one-off commentary.

In the age of YouTube, the comfort of going down your favorite band’s rabbit hole in a late night blur was presented in a compact playlist with a room full of fans eager to learn more about each video straight from the source. Instead of a comments section, there was an open Q&A throughout the night, which Kulash and company answered to the best of their abilities, often with an honest tone of introspect.

While the music was never an afterthought, the intricate videos demanded more attention as they were projected onto a movie screen behind the band. Their evolution was presented as each new video appeared and their dedication to the sound was never lost, though possibly under-appreciated as they never missed a cue or tempo.

The band’s 20-year narrative, which has included appearances on local circuit television, MTV premieres and the current stage of YouTube streams, became an overwhelming tale at times, though easily consumed by all fans. It was an experience unlikely to be seen again, as there are few bands with the amount of dedication to each video as OK Go.

Following their stint in Northern California, OK Go will continue their Live Video Tour in Southern California this weekend.

For more information on OK Go, visit OKGo.net/

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