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#HOFDAY: Bringing the Youth to Old Sacramento

Sacramento’s infamous Hall of Fame will continue cultivating its roots in the city, as the collective celebrates its third annual #HOFDAY on September 16 in Old Sacramento. While it is known as “a party so big, they call it a festival,” #HOFDAY is in fact a monumental music and arts festival celebrating the youth’s imprint within the city. Indeed, HOF will be the first external company, in 30 years, to host a large-scale event in Old Sacramento.

As a conglomerate, HOF has been entertaining and catering to Sacramento’s youth unlike any other group. Weekly events, such as CAKE at District 30 and Salty Saturdays at Highwater, have significantly propelled HOF’s clout in the last year alone. However, the group has been around since 2008 and has plans to be around for many years to come.

As a founding member, Damian Lynch, HOF’s Chief Operations Officer and Event Manager, has persistently been in meetings with the city and his team, working to break the barriers necessary to bring such a large-scale event to life.

“We’re ready to prove ourselves,” said Lynch. “We’re learning and we’re helping set the rules and following the rules, and then, just getting a really good relationship with these people, because we are the first ones that they have had to deal with in 30 years. So, it’s just kind of cool that they’re down to grow with us and allow us to do this.”

While the official lineup will be released at any moment, fans should be pleased to see Hippie Sabotage, Hobo Johnson and Weirdoze representing Sacramento on the music front. Among the stack of local artists scheduled to appear, #HOFDAY will also feature a few acts from outside the city, including the Bay Area’s beloved Noodles.

Additionally, HOF has teamed up with David Garibaldi to present the HOF War On Walls Art Battle, where Lisa Elias and Aliyah Sidqe will go head-to-head on #HOFDAY, to see which artist takes home the $2,000 cash prize.

However, HOF’s Chief Marketing Officer, Tony Christ, wants everyone to understand that the success of #HOFDAY transmits a victory to the whole city.

“This isn’t just some corporate company coming in here like Live Nation or whatever and booking Old Sacramento,” said Christ. “This is four guys from Sacramento that were throwing house parties because there was nothing for us to do. This is a three-year project, but it’s ten years in the making.”

In those ten years, an idea became a functioning concept, which grew into a business entity known as HOF. While Lynch believes they have a lot to overcome still, he has faith in his team and their hands on the surrounding culture.

“We are mastering physical media,” said Lynch. “Instead of having 5,000 people watch this video, we’re having 5,000 people show up to a place and that is probably the most powerful form of media. Not a video, not a fu**ing audio file, not a picture, but a physical manifestation of a message.”

Specifically, the historic district of Old Sacramento is offering #HOFDAY a capacity of 20,000 people, which is greater than the capacity at Golden 1 Center.

“This isn’t something that we ever thought we’d be able to do,” said Christ. “It’s something that we always wanted to do, but we never knew how we were going to get there and we’re there now and able to do it. So, this is just the beginning of all the crazy s**t we want to do.”

For more information on #HOFDAY, visit HOFDayParty.com

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