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Sacramento Creative on the Rise: Randall Alberto

IMG 0190 - Sacramento Creative on the Rise: Randall Alberto

For many artists in Sacramento, finding a community to grow with has become an essential part of establishing one’s pursuit of success, no matter the medium. In the case of local videographer, Randall Alberto, that sense of community has come to light in-between his time working with The Film Squad and as his lead role as content creator for Midtown’s very own, LowBrau.

In most cases, the decision to invest ones time in any creative field is a risk. Many creatives and entrepreneurs who freelance will agree that the flexibility in creating your own work schedule does not always translate into the most consistent way to make a living. After spending the due time necessary to pay his dues, Alberto has found a place where he feels comfortable.

“It’s cool,” said Alberto. “I was freelancing for awhile, and it’s nice to have some stability now with something full time.”

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On the other side of his creative journey is The Film squad, which he credits for allowing him to develop the experience necessary to eventually branch out on his own. From weddings to a film for Franklin High School’s “Every 15 Minutes” program, he has experienced growth by working with other like-minded individuals.

“Film squad is like a hub,” said Alberto. “It’s [a] creative group that creates video content for people and companies.”

In describing his relationship with Sacramento, Alberto said he appreciates its geographic location on the map, as well as its proximity to San Francisco, which serves many facets of culture. The Bay Area has long been seen as a model of local support for up-and-comers have with  long-standing communities like Noise Pop. However, the scenes are definitely growing in Sacramento with the Sacramento Antique Faire, the ever-present local coffee shops which host artists and their works as well as the variety of block party events throughout the year.

Randall notes his appreciation for his city, while acknowledging its struggles.

“Sacramento is very conscious of supporting local, and local artists support other local artists,” said Alberto. “I like helping out other people. We’ve created our own little umbrella of creative people in the city, but we definitely need more hubs.”

When it comes to future goals, Alberto is hoping to use his talents to work more concerts and collaborate with artists. In the near future, he has his eyes set on a more personal project titled, “Servants and Creators,” which has him taking a portrait of ten strangers a day for ten days. He is currently brainstorming on how and when he will share it with the public.

“I think that we’re all creators – one day you wanna go take photos, like you have this idea and you make it happen,” said Alberto. “We’re also servants, because we wanna contribute our skills to others. Like collaborations.”

For more information on Randall Alberto and to see his work, visit his instagram page.

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Victoria Kobayashi

Victoria Kobayashi

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