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Sending Off Summer at San Diego’s CRSSD Fest

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As a California festival writer for SacPress, I experience a lot of festivals. So it says a lot when I say that CRSSD Fest is hands down one of my favorite festivals. If you’re into progressive dance music with a sophisticated taste this festival is definitely your jam. From tropical house to tech house to live sets this festival can tickle your electronic music taste buds with the fusion of paradise and downtown city feel backdrop to match. The vibes from the CRSSD crowd are also one of the most friendly and respectful in California.

When it comes to curating a line-up CRSSD is a pro in delivering music fans with artists that are either currently on tour or in the midst of releasing a bunch of new music. Wave Racer and Sam Feldt dropped new music, and Lido played ‘Everything’ (his debut LP coming out Friday, Oct. 7) with complete visuals from his album teasers in his live set.

Unfortunately, I only made it out for day 2 of the festival, but still got to see a well planned sunset set by Flight Facilities. The very first time I went to CRSSD was the first time I ever saw Flight Facilities play the main stage during sunset (yes, again) and I was blown away. There’s something about San Diego sunsets that make you feel like you’re away on vacation, and Waterfront Park’s main stage has it’s back to the San Diego airport. And for Flight Facilities, it catered to the atmosphere in a big way.

Thomas Jack kept the festival dancing once the sun set on the festival grounds on The Palms stage, a fitting one for him as a matter of fact. I really enjoy the minimal festival design at CRSSD because they let the environment and natural beauty of the venue speak for itself. The stages they create only enhance it, such the Palms Stage with many palm leaves and umbrella shade structure.

Another thing about CRSSD to enjoy is that they seem to pride themselves as tastemakers when it comes to the dance scene. By booking a variety of artists within the electronic music genre it makes them step up their shows when it comes to dropping new music and experimenting with their sets.

For instance, CRSSD is one of the few festivals that seems to have built a relationship with the mysterious Zhu, a young electronic producer that has always been discrete about what he looks like in order to connect with fans through music only. Because of the experience CRSSD creates, artists and attendees build a relationship through the return booking of the artists due to the relationship CRSSD itself builds.

Up Next: Treasure Island Music Festival on Oct. 15 and 16. It’s Northern California’s version of a festival on the bay! And, in the meantime, check out my Q&A with CRSSD artist Sam Feldt, who will be in San Francisco on Oct. 7.

Photo by Felicia Garcia
Photo by Felicia Garcia

Photo by Miranda McDonald

Photo by Miranda McDonald

Photo by Miranda McDonald


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Feature photo by Skyler Green

Sending Off Summer at San Diego’s CRSSD Fest via @sacramentopress

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Victoria Kobayashi

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