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FYF Fest in its 13th Year [Photo Recap]

FYF’s 13th annual music festival returned to Exposition Park in South Central Los Angeles this weekend with a new and improved layout.

The festival brought together sets by Kendrick Lamar, Tame Impala, Grimes, Father John Misty, LCD SoundSystem and many more in attracting the hipster-leaning, fashion forward types, or those who would like a less bougie and/or mainstream version of Coachella.

A few notable changes included: the creation of The Club stage, moving the “EDM” (electronic dance music) stage outdoors, keeping the same disco ball aesthetic, and “The Woods” stage that had vibes reminiscent of the Do Lab stage at Coachella. These changes provided adequate spaces for festival goers to “get down” to their favorite distinguished genres.

By circling the coliseum in Expo Park, this year’s new and improved festival map provided for better traffic flow and easier navigation. The main stage had a change of scenery, feeling a lot wider and grander, providing better sight lines for those who did not want to get crushed in the large crowd – a problem much too common at these festivals.

cute FYF


Boogie at The Club was starting the day with major hype


Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar is already a great performer, but seeing him in Los Angeles is a different experience because he has such love for the city. You could tell some people literally came to the festival, just to see Kendrick.


Tame Impala

Setting the scene for this feel-good end of summer festival, Tame Impala was definitely a weekend favorite with their trippy, nostalgic 70’s sound. Lady Gaga also graced the end of their set by performing “New Person, Same Old Mistakes,” – the cherry on top.

While many great acts were at FYF Fest this weekend, Vince Staples, Father John Misty, LCD SoundSystem, Grimes and Mac DeMarco were among the top favorites.

For more information about the festival and to keep up-to-date with future news, visit fyffest.com.

Featured photo: Vince Staples. Photos by Victori Kobayashi.


FYF Fest in its 13th Year [Photo Recap] via @sacramentopress

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