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Lightning in a Bottle, a Place Where Creativity Has No Boundaries

Photo by Victoria Kobayashi

After attending a number of different festivals held throughout California, I can definitely say that The Do Lab’s premier camp out festival, Lightning in a Bottle, is something truly unique and special to experience.

Taking place in Bradley over Memorial Day weekend, the 5-day festival’s music line-up, curated by co-Founder of The Do Lab, Jesse Flemming, was on point with a good mix of up-and-coming artists and headliners where attendees could watch live in an intimate setting. This year’s line-up included music festival veterans Flume, Odesza, RL Grime and Thomas Jack, as well as unique bands and artists on the rise like Snakehips, TastyTreat and William and the Earth Harp Collective.

In addition to the stellar music line-up, LIB provides so much more to participate in from interactive experiences and big art, to mind-expanding lectures and family activities.

“We [The Do Lab] want to burst out of the box creatively and do whatever feels right,” said Dede Flemming, co-Founder of The Do Lab. “We go the extra mile to make things visually stimulating.”

Photo by Victoria KobayashiThere’s no doubt that the Flemming brothers and The Do Lab team go the extra mile when it comes to Lightning in a Bottle. Just glancing at the festival grounds map is visually stimulating enough, but when you’re walking through the festival grounds it feels like you’re in a world where Coachella and Alice in Wonderland collide.

Not only is the atmosphere of the festival feel magical to walk through because of the immense attention to detail, but also because of the good vibes that everyone working, attending and performing creates.

“Security guards make people feel like cattle and we want to make every interaction more enjoyable,” says Dede. “There’s an energy shift, or transition between people on guard, allowing people to let their guard down.”

LIB definitely provides a space for people to escape from reality, let go of their inhibitions and explore in a safe and accepting environment. The Village, Mystery School and The Learning Kitchen, are just a few of the tented spaces sprinkled throughout LIB that allows attendees to hang out and escape the sun where they can listen and gain new insight from speakers while interacting with others.

Since Lightning in a Bottle is a camp-out festival, it encourages people to work together and build small communities within their campsites. From my experiences with camping at festivals it definitely creates bonds among people at the festival as well as the people you meet and encounter.

ThomasJackThe welcoming atmosphere of the festival makes creativity levels feel unlimited, making it a place where all ages are accepted and can find something to do. From many different artists constantly creating and performing during the day, to art installations lightning up and transforming by night, there is so much for you to get lost in at this festival. It’s a place for people to come together to be creative, experience new things and inspire others.

The Do Lab is, after all, an art collective, or a big group of people who are all about having fun and pushing limits while creating cool stuff for everyone to enjoy.

If you missed out on Lightning in a Bottle or looking for another similar event, The Do Lab just announced their next creative venture: Woogie Weekend! This festival is inspired by their smallest music stage, The Woogie, that hosts DJs playing house music and water misters to cool everyone off while they woogie. Dede said that Woogie Wknd will have same vibe as Lightning in a Bottle but with a new twist!


The Woogie

Photo by Victoria Kobayashi


Photo by Victoria Kobayashi

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Lightning in a Bottle, a Place Where Creativity Has No Boundaries via @sacramentopress

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Victoria Kobayashi

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