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Say Hello to Beer at Ruhstaller Farm & Yard

Beer farming?  Say hello to Ruhstaller Farm & Yard where the motto is “we grow beer” – growing hops and crafting great beer. If you are looking for an afternoon destination to experience the delight of craft beer then take a leisurely drive to Dixon and soak up the hoppy aroma because it’s harvest time!

Last weekend, the general manager J-E Paino was serving up flights, sharing insights about the hop drying process and providing the entertainment. J-E had ready samples for every visitor who inevitably asked “What is it?” and his answer was a dead pan response – “beer.” Maybe it was the heat that made this exchange hilarious.

The afternoon was made even more interesting as people told the stories of how they came to a beer farm. One couple said the holiday traffic derailed their plans so they re-routed for a beer tasting, another was just passing by enroute to San Jose, while other groups drove specifically from Sacramento to the farm. One guy from Fairfield came just to purchase two beers.  What a wonderful group of people united in a common purpose – “beer.”

A trip to Ruhstaller’s is truly a unique experience. Visit the farm, located just off I-80 at Kidwell Road in Dixon, on weekends from noon to 6pm.

Eagerly anticipated post-harvest events will also inevitably be scheduled at the Ruhstaller Brewery in downtown Sacramento. The brewery is located in the basement of 630 K Street but the entrance is on 7th Street between K Street and the alley (behind the bus stop). It is open only by appointment and for special events so stay in the loop by following @RuhstallerBeer on Twitter.

Ruhstaller stories abound here at Sacramento Press. Brandon Darnell wrote about the Hop Sac 2012, the Ruhstaller craft brewing experience, the Captain California Black IPA, and the Ruhstaller comeback. Allison Joy shared the return of the Gilt Edge lager.  What is your favorite Ruhstaller beer story?

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