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Midtown Dishcrawl Offers 3-Restaurant Progressive Dining Experience


Looking to shake up your dining routine? Want to try something new—3 times over? Then experience Midtown at its best by participating in the Midtown Dishcrawl, coming to Sacramento next Wednesday, May 21.

The Dishcrawl is a chance to go on all-in-one-night culinary adventure that includes 3 restaurants, each offering a plated trio of food that highlights what makes that restaurant unique. Attendees become part of a group of people experiencing good food together, and chefs or owners become part of that experience by coming out to meet the group and discuss their food philosophy and restaurant. All participating restaurants are walking distance from each other, so a walking tour of the neighborhood is an added plus to the evening.

“It’s kind of like a modern take on a progressive dinner,” explained Emily Perez, the Sacramento Ambassador for Dishcrawl. “You’re with a group of people, you’re going on a local adventure together, and you’re eating, so it’s really warm and friendly. But it’s also a way to experience restaurants and your community in a unique way.”

That community aspect of the Dishcrawl is something Perez emphasized as a defining element of the event. Dining is almost always a communal occasion that brings people together. The creators of the event wanted to use food as a way to build relationships–between participants and each other, restauranteurs, chefs, the city they are a part of, and the food that unites them all.

There’s a mystery element to the event, too. Part of the fun of a Dishcrawl, which began as a San Jose start-up and now spans across 250 cities in the US and Canada, is that restaurants are kept a secret until 48 hours before the event at which point the first location is revealed to ticket holders. The remaining 2 locations are revealed the day of the event.

“I’ll keep [the locations] a secret, although I will say I’m really excited because some of them are hidden treasures,” hinted Perez.

Past Dishcrawls have included Ella, Lucca, Pizza Rock, and Wayside Noodles—the variety of which shows you can have a dramatically different dining experience at each restaurant.

The Midtown centralization of restaurant picks is something that’s distinctive about this year’s selection.

“This is the first time we’re hitting up Midtown exclusively,” said Perez. “Midtown has really been one of the centers for the restaurant scene in Sacramento over the past 10 years, so we’re really excited to highlight the neighborhood. It’s just a really great place to walk and eat.”

The Midtown Dishcrawl begins at 7pm, with an hour-long experience at each restaurant. Tickets cost $45 and can be purchased at 15% off with a discount exclusive to SacPress readers. Visit www.dishcrawl.com/mayinmidtown and use the discount code “sacpress” to take advantage of this special discount.

Midtown Dishcrawl Offers 3-Restaurant Progressive Dining Experience via @sacramentopress

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