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Der Biergarten (finally) set to open next month in Midtown

Workers lay the foundation at Der Beirgarten.

It’s been a long time coming, but Der Biergarten, the outdoor German beer hall made from cargo containers, finally has all of the permits in place it needs to open on the corner of 24th and K Streets by next month.

The concept behind behind Der Biergarten is a novel one: Owner Sean Derfield will use oversized cargo containers to house a restaurant on vacant land. The the idea is that the containers, and therefore the restaurant, can be easily picked up and moved to a new location once the land owner decides to develop the property.

While that idea seemed exciting for Sac Press readers (judging from the comments on our story), Derfield had his work cut out for him to convince the city and some neighbors.

He leased the property in January with plans to open in February, but the review and permit process took a bit longer than he had hoped. On Wednesday, the containers will finally be delivered, and he looks set to open by the middle of next month.

What can we expect:

Food and prices: The restaurant will serve light German food like sausages from Morant’s Old Fashioned Sausage Kitchen, schnitzel, pretzels and sandwiches. Appetizers range from about $5 to $7 and entrees and sausage platters are about $10 to $12.

Bier Garten Menu

Beer: As the name suggests, there will also be plenty of German beer, as well as local and craft brews. Derfield is adamant that there be no mainstream American corporate beers, so no Buds, Millers or Pabsts. When it opens, Biergarten will be able to hold 25 kegs, though that can later be expanded.

The containers: A 40-foot cargo container will house the bar and kitchen, and another 20-foot container will hold the restrooms. Both the containers will be clad in wood panel to help address concerns from neighbors, who wanted them to look more like permanent structures.

The space: Patrons will order from a window, pick up their beer, take a number and sit on German beer hall tables in a 2,500-square-foot outdoor courtyard.

Hours: The venue will be open from 3 p.m. to 9 p.m. on weekdays and from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. on weekends, weather permitting. The closing times were established through negotiations with the city and neighbors.

Climate: The seating is all outdoor, but there will be heaters and blankets for the winter months, as well as cooling misters and shade for the summer.

Bike bonus: Derfield is planning to install 20 to 30 bike racks.

Derfield was frustrated by the delays with the city but is relieved that he can finally get down to business.

"We’re ecstatic to get it open, get some people in there and serve some beer."


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