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Circle Sept. 19 on your calendar – it’s Iration day in Sacramento


OK, I’m expanding my reggae spectrum, still searching for enlightenment and meaning in music and life. Some of this is new to me. I’m on a musical enlightenment tour and I would like you all to join me, while I ride in the right lane on the freeway of reggae, rock, punk and soul. I’ve got my new favorite Rebelution radio station on Pandora rocking me away.

I’ve got to find another band to review. The Matisyahu concert was voluminous. Momentous in the outpouring of the good vibe. I chose wisely, picking that one. So far my Pandora radio station and my taste haven’t let me down in my choice of venues to review.

Then Iration comes on with their song “Wait and See" off the "Time Bomb” album. Hey, I know this song, I’ve heard this at a party I attended a while ago. It reminds me of Chico. Yeah, and there I went, I was in a fog. I was 18 and it was 1995 all over again, taking me back to my stupid college early days. Going to house parties, doing too much. Good feelings came from the song. I think I’ve got a winner. I have to hear something else. This sounds like a band I want to see in person. I wonder what they look like on stage? To YouTube, I’m off, in search of more Iration, when I come across the title, Iration – ‘Summer Nights’ (Live). “Why not?” I thought. “I want to see a good show.” Click. From the intro to the finish I twisted, bobbed and reminisced. “Good dance music,” I thought. “Grab the baby on the beach and hold her close” music.” Oh hell yeah, this is going to be one of those shows.

Hello, Google Iration Sacramento. Bingo, they are playing at Ace of SpadesThursday, September 19, 2013. I have my next show,  but who is Iration?

They started out in 2003 as a reggae cover band in Isla Vista, Ca, playing the California party college tour from California State University Chico to California Polytechnic University in Southern California.

Iration, now Micah Pueschel (guitar, VOX), Adam Taylor (bass), Joseph Dickens (drums), Cayson Peterson (keyboard, synth) and Joseph King Sound are individually the key cogs in the musical engine that it is.

In 2006 they released “No Time for Rest,” which set Iration down the road leading to 2008, when they released “Sample This,” an album that elevated their game. In 2010 they released “Time Bomb.” The longshots got it right. “Time Bomb” is an explosion of hits. Here are a few of my favorites off the album, “Time Bomb,” “Dream” and “Let Me Inside.”

In 2013 Iration released “Automatic.” According to Pueschel, “‘Automatic’ is an album that most completely describes our music. It is eclectic in its songs and covers the full range of styles that we pride ourselves in being able to play. Love in all its forms, is and has always fueled our music: love of life and its mysteries, love for your home, love of nature, and of course love between people. Automatic is no different. The title track ‘Automatic’ is a tribute to our fans. We owe them everything.”

I am quite sure their fans can’t wait till they come to town, I can’t either.

I checked the aceofspadessac.com website this morning and there were still tickets available at Armadillo Music in Davis, Dimple Records stores in the Sacramento area or online at aceofspadessac.com. Doors open at 7 p.m.

Editor’s Note: The headline of this article has been edited to reflect the accurate day of the show. 

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