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Giving Back to a Family in Need

For Immediate Release

August 22nd, 2013 @ 4 p.m.
Location: Nationwide Agribusiness 2251 Harvard St, Sacramento,CA 95815.

       Alta California Regional Center and Nationwide Agribusiness a member of Nationwide Insurance partnered with Shanahan’s Auto Body & Paint 24 Hr. Towing to donate a vehicle to a family in need.

      Alta California Regional Center in Sacramento, CA has an annual “Adopt a Family” program which Nationwide Agribusiness participated in last year. When reviewing the family biographies, there was one that stood out as needing help in addition to the purchase of family Christmas gifts. The family was one that has six children, two of which have serious medical conditions. The family biography noted that their only vehicle was heavily damaged as a result of an auto accident. The family was still driving the damaged vehicle as they had no other means of transportation. This sparked concern for the family and their safety.

      Nationwide Agribusiness secured a lightly damaged vehicle from their material damage section that was repairable and would make a safe substitute vehicle for the family. Shanahan’s Auto Body & Paint 24 Hr. Towing graciously volunteered to help Nationwide Agribusiness with this project and repair the vehicle for donation to the family. “In the past we have partnered up with Nationwide Insurance for other local community projects. I am excited to continue to give back to our community and grow our partnership with Nationwide Agribusiness where we can be a continuous partner in this program” says Dennis Shanahan, owner of Shanahan’s Auto Body & Paint 24 Hr. Towing.

      Shanahan’s Auto Body & Paint 24 Hr. Towing has been family owned and operated since 1976. We are dedicated to excellent customer service and quality repairs. Nationwide Agribusiness is one of the many partners in our DRP program and we are thrilled to be partners on an entirely different level. We would like to recognize our vendors, Jerry’s Paint, LKQ/Keystone, Radial Tire, PPG, Interwest Insurance Sacramento and of course our team at Shanahan’s Auto Body for all of their contributions in bringing this project to completion.

      All of the partners are anticipating an exciting day for the family. Interwest Insurance of Sacramento will be donating six months of insurance to the family for the vehicle that was provided by Nationwide Agribusiness and repaired by Shanahan’s Auto Body & Paint 24 Hr. Towing as a gift to the family. Nationwide Agribusiness will be contributing a gift basket in addition to the vehicle. Along with the repairs to the vehicle, Shanahan’s Auto Body & Paint 24 Hr. Towing will also be giving the family a gift basket with school supplies for the children. This has been an exciting and rewarding venture for all that have participated. We all wish the best for this family.

 Danielle Steers
Shanahan’s Auto Body

Katherine Morettini
Nationwide Agribusiness

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