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[Poll] How friendly is Sacramento?

Apparently Midtown’s janky charm is lost on Conde Nast Traveler-reading sophisticates.

CNTraveler released its top ten most unfriendly cities in the U.S., ranked based on a reader survey. Sacramento rolled in at number ten, making us a smidge nicer than the other California cities to make the list – Annaheim (9), Los Angeles (6) and Oakland (2).

The reasoning, according to CNTraveler: 

Sacramento might be California’s capital, but it’s “a real disappointment." One reader comments that it’s a “bit dingy, for being capital of such a beautiful state” and labels the city as “not very impressive or classy or interesting.”

Correct me if I’m wrong, but dingy, unimpressive, classless and dull people can still be nice, right?

The thread on the subreddit r/Sacramento has over 70 replies.

– I’m a southern california native and I spent all of 2012 in the Sacramento area and I have to disagree that it’s an unfriendly city. I met a lot of friendly, down-to-earth people.

– I have friends in San Francisco and Los Angeles that were told how shitty Sacramento was, than they visited me and had a great time. They come back frequently and have told their friends they were wrong and even talk up Sacramento. I love my friends.

Here’s what our twitter following had to say: 


View the story "Sacramento voted 10th most unfriendly city in the U.S. " on Storify]


What do you think? Are we a bunch of assholes, or are CNTraveler readers just not well versed in the distinction between jank and jerk?


How friendly is Sacramento?

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Allison Joy

  • Thomas Dodson


  • I don’t think the readers of Conde Nast Traveler really come to any of those 10 cities for leisure travel.

    We aren’t, you know, the Maldives, Bermuda, Paris, London, Moscow or New York.

  • Ben Ilfeld

    We’re pretty unfriendly and defensive to snobs who think were dingy and classless.

  • tex binky

    sacramento isn’t that janky anymore because lofts and that gourmet farm thing that’s happening

  • Maybe CNT came to town and met the people who leave anti arena comments all over the sac bee comments section regardless of the article topic.

  • Marc Ronson

    CN Traveler who?

  • Trina Drotar

    If those people had shown up at a couple of events during the past few weeks, I can see why they’d say that Sacramento is one of the most unfriendly cities. In those cases, it was attendees. I have had the unpleasant experience of discovering a tremendous lack of customer service or customer care in many businesses – large and small – throughout the city and the greater region. There are other businesses, however, that make visitors welcome. Welcoming someone doesn’t cost any money.

  • lmw

    This is crazytalk! My husband and I have been living here two years now and still feel new. We frequently remark on how friendly people are here.

  • Laura Good

    I lived in most cities in the Bay Area, Santa Cruz, Salt Lake City and Orlando. I find Sacramento to be a pretty friendly town when it comes to the people who live here. It’s easy to connect and you don’t have to be in the inner circle (in my experience) to connect with someone new. That said, Orlando was the friendliest place I lived. Your neighbors actually wanted to get to know you. Also interesting in the South is the lack of backyard fences. Many neighborhoods just don’t have them. That’s pretty friendly!

  • Sacramento is where they have dumped huge blocks of distressed refugees for generations, be it displaced southern blacks in the 40’s or East Asian tribal allies, in the 80’s. Guess where you are dropped off fresh from Folsom Prison (given a Light Rail pass)? Sandwiched between Real Estate Wingnut gerrymandered suburbs like Roseville and the counties of Placer and El Dorado, the typical Sacramentan is a posterchild of PTSD. Oh yeah, we are the Capital, so thousands of carpetbagger International Banking lackeys of the Empire slither through the Grid, doing evil and raping the populace. I’m sure the Conde Naste pollsters had encounters unpleasant.

  • I wonder how LA and Oakland are handling it. Probably just laughing it off as they know better?

    Shame we can’t do that, we get comments such #ihatesacramento (move)

  • Michael Murphy

    I wonder if the Conde Nast Traveler writer had a bad dining experience while in Sacramento. When I travel, I feel like I get better service at restaurants in other cities then in Sacramento.

    As an example, I was in Fort Bragg this past weekend and went to a restaurant called “Mendo Bistro.” It’s a neighborhood restaurant that provides fine dining at an affordable price and relaxed atmosphere. The server suggested which wine would go with our food. She then offered a free sample. I also noticed there was enough staff to be responsive to all of our needs. The food was inspired and amazing. When we left the restaurant we felt pampered. Rarely, do I experience this quality of service in a restaurant in Sacramento. Perhaps restaurant owners should remember their businesses are ambassadors for Sacramento and take time and effort to train their personnel according.

  • nolongerinsac

    Perhaps it has something to do with the overabundance of homeless people or the self-entitled attitude coming from unionized state employees. Remember, there’s a reason that Sac State has more grievance filings than any other campus in the CSU system.

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