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Scenes from Second Saturday, April 2013

Painting by Sacramento artist John S. Huerta

Midtown had a modest turnout for Sacramento’s Second Saturday Art Walk. One of the things I wanted to find out about was who gets to play live music at these events. I understand from talking to local owners that an entertainment permit from the city is actually required but many artists show up without a permit and use it to get exposure. I ran into a few bands who didn’t know what I was talking about when I asked about permits. Funny how I keep running into groups who perform at Second Saturday who don’t even have a group name yet. What’s amazing about Second Saturday, despite the cold breeze, was that I found great opportunities for local musicians and painters to showcase their work.

SacTV.com interviewed Clubhouse 24 owner Bobby Griffith about his private venue that opens for the public every Second Saturday. The club is located at 920 24th Street off off J Street. Normally the venue is used for private parties, business meetings and other private social events. Bobby has seen consistent growth in Second Saturday’s development and believes any type of culture that can be brought to Sacramento is a big advantage. After four years he has developed an artstic venue that includes live bands and paintings. During our interview we listened to the live music of local band Folsom Prison Blues Trio.

Bobby explains in the video interview how Clubhouse 24 helps local artists. "If you have a band," Bobby says, "you have a duet, you have a trio, any kind of type of music, you come to us, (and say) hey we’d like to play at your venue, and basically we pitch you in. We get you a place to play and people to follow you. They can come and watch you work your craft." Bobby enjoys giving Sacramento a voice and place to showcase art. He believes culture helps local business. Clubhouse 24 has large well decorated rooms and was selling tacos outdoors. The stage area looks completely artistic and all the other rooms have a positive ambiance as well. 

I interviewed other local scene owners and artists at Second Saturday, which I will be highlighting all this week on SacTV. One of the artists I talked with earlier in the day was Robert LaNeau, who moved to Sacramento from Haiti six years ago. His paintings have bright colorful abstract themes using fruit and vegetable imagery merged with crowds of people to convey farmer’s markets. Robert’s paintings generate a friendly upbeat sensibility about a forward moving culture. I also talked with Little Relics owner Susan Rabinovitz about the art that changes every month at her gallery/jewlery manufacturing store. We did a video interview that will be produced later in the week for SacTV.

Others I interviewed from Second Saturday who will appear on SacTV this week include painter John S. Huerta, whose paintings are meant to communicate happiness in death, more as a celebration of one’s life. His interesting colorful portraits, as shown with this article, are very eye catching. I also spoke with Brad Newey, who hosts an event called "Drag Queen Bingo." Finally, I talked with painter Pete Conine, whose car art was on display at Cuilla Brothers, an auto body shop that turns into a classic car museum on Second Saturday. I also ran into several local scene people like Allyson Seconds, Tom Bixby, my high school classmate Sue and some friends from way back named Doreen and Glynese. That’s what’s fun about Second Saturday. You never know who you’ll run into. 

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