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Opening doors to faster innovation

As we have seen, our culture is on a technological fast track that redefines the way business is done. Ash Roughani believes the innovation process in business can be applied to government through "design thinking." His new non-profit organization called Public Innvovation is set up to bring people together through civic meets and public discussions. Ash launched the resource last August and will present a video called "Design & Thinking" for its third civic meet on February 21 at the Urban Hive. Tickets are available here

Ash believes that the process known as "design thinking," which has helped many modern companies achieve their goals of pioneering ground-breaking products, can be used to create a better government. The public has the final say on how government is run, right? Assuming that’s the case, the process of people assembling to voice their opinions and learn more about their government sounds like a worthwhile pursuit, especially if it means building a better government. The key will be technology, according to Ash, as well as civic meets that allow pubic voices to be heard.

In a series of three SacTV.com interviews, Ash has described his new organization as well as the process of design thinking. The goal of design thinking, a creative problem solving process, is to arrive at the best possible solutions from several sources of input that are narrowed down to the most important requirements of a problem. This type of thinking contrasts with traditional styles of product development, that were shaped more by marketing experts. 

One of the concerns Ash has that he thinks could help improve people’s experience with government is a one stop shop where people can learn more about how their local and state governments work. State and local government websites tend to be very complex and comprehensive and many times people are lost when it comes to tracking down information on permits and certificiations. He thinks that technology will provide the solution in the future. Once people understand more about how government operates and which agencies to deal with, our culture will be on track to crafting a better government. 

LIke a puzzle that has remained a mystery for years, civic studies in high school and college have not quite been the full solution to educating people about government. People definitely understand how to voice their opinions about government through social networks, but how much change results from these rants? A more organized and objective pubic forum, such as the civic meets of Pubilc Innovation,  will more likely lead to change. A better connection between people and government opens the door to accelerated progress toward both a more business-friendly, as well as environmentally-friendly government. 


Editor’s note: The first paragraph has been edited to show the accurate venue for the screening, Urban Hive. 

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