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Building Bridges to Sacramento Career Development

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Sacramento unemployment still hovers around 10 percent in early 2013, although that’s a big improvement from a few years ago. Even for the ninety percent who are employed, the annoying fact about economics is that most people’s wages have been stagnant while cost of living keeps going up. That’s why many people find themselves juggling more than one job just to pay bills. I decided to try to help the situation by creating career development pages for my site SacTV.com. These career pages can be found by clicking "business" from the home page. So far I’ve researched a handful of industries such as architecture, aviation, construction, cosmetology, finance, insurance, jewelry, law, medical and real estate. By the end of the year I hope to create reports about every major imaginable industry in Sacramento. 

This concept is all over the internet, but for some reason, Sacramento doesn’t have many websites listed in Google Search that cover in depth information about various Sacramento career paths. For people who want to find out how to get licensing or certification in their career field, they either already know where to look or can end up spending hours jumping around to different websites to get the information. SacTV’s goal is to have as much information about each industry on one page that can be instantly accessed. These career development pages will help save time instead of just guessing which links on Google or Craigslist might be worth investigating. 

The biggest problem with Craigslist when searching for a job is people run the risk of connecting with spammers or scammers. As many people already know, it’s very difficult to find a good paying job on Craigslist. Many of the posts either expect you to have rocket science knowledge, be able to do the work of ten people and be willing to work as a slave for peanuts. It’s basically a platform for low-ballers that have helped reduce wages and hurt the economy. On the other hand, Craigslist has also created opportunities to find work without driving around wasting time and gas dropping off resumes or spending money on sending these packages in the mail. 

For many industries, good paying jobs require licensing or certification through the State of California, unless you plan on being a rock star. If you plan on running your own business you will likely need proper licensing, unless it’s an exempt business. I’ve started with the careers that have strict requirements and in time I will add the types of jobs that don’t require any special licensing or permits. Part of the reason I’ve researched and written these pages is that I’ve explored several industries since leaving radio, settling on web development and freelance writing after deciding that most careers have too many hurdles to overcome as far as education and other requirements. But in the process, I’ve learned a lot about several industies, especially after a series of finance-related jobs and studying national markets. 

SacTV’s latest video  is a brief overview of this new site development. Sacramento, despite being one of the twenty-five biggest metropolitan areas in the nation, still has the feel of a small town from a search engine perspective and needs more resources that explore various businesses in the area. Outside of the SacBee, SacPress, News & Review, Sacramento Business Journal and local government sites,  there aren’t too many resources in town that allow people to quickly learn about the city’s economic picture and various industries. Expanding these resources, whether through SacTV or other websites, can only help in Sacramento’s steady economic recovery. 

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