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Musicians featured in ‘Musicians of Midtown’ art exhibit to play benefit concert at The Urban Hive Saturday

File photo: Walker-Knoblich with some of her work at Gallery 2110.

Local artist Brooke Walker-Knoblich’s “Musicians of Midtown” art exhibit will be displayed in a unique setting Saturday: alongside some of the depicted musicians as they perform live in a benefit concert at The Urban Hive.

“The exhibit that will be on Saturday is how I always wanted the musician series to be – not just my own interpretation of it, but for people to actually hear the music as well – sort of a multimedia visual and aural experience,” Walker-Knoblich said.

“Musicians of Midtown,” a display with 10 paintings and 20 sketches of Midtown artists, debuted at Gallery 2110 in Midtown earlier this year.

For the project, Walker-Knoblich sketched more than 450 artists. She said Monday that she has added more sketches, but no new paintings, for Saturday’s show and concert.

At least four of the bands featured in the series will be playing for a free charity benefit concert hosted by Concerts for Charity, which will seek to raise enough funds to purchase a square for the upcoming Chalk it Up! event in Fremont Park, according to Clay Nutting of Concerts for Charity.

The exhibit begins at The Urban Hive, 1931 H St., at 5 p.m. on Saturday. The music starts at 6 p.m., with performances by Element Brass Band, Marcus Cortez, Dean Haakenson and Ricky Berger.

“I’ve seen Brooke’s work around town, and I always appreciate when someone is passionate about music and art like I am, so I was happy to help,” Nutting said Tuesday. “She’s giving some of the proceeds from her paintings, and we’re selling beers and wine to make a little money for charity.”

Walker-Knoblich said she thinks the local music scene is one of the big draws to the Midtown area, and her goal with “Musicians of Midtown” was to visually demonstrate the way she feels when she hears music.

“I want people to think about music differently and think about how different notes can have these emotional impacts on our lives and foray into the visual landscape,” she said.

Rather than just an art show, Walker-Knoblich said she is hoping it proves to be educational.

“While music is one of the most accessible artforms, I don’t think the visual and auditory get merged very often,” she said. “It’s usually one or the other. The intention behind this exhibit was to bring out the full quality of these two senses and help people understand the artform.”

Brandon Darnell is a staff reporter for The Sacramento Press. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

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