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Blake Shelton and Justin Moore bring honky-tonk to Sacramento

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Country crooners Blake Shelton and opening act Justin Moore charmed Sacramento during Shelton’s “Well Lit & Amplified Tour” Thursday night at Power Balance Pavilion.

Referencing the sea of cowboy hats and daisy dukes, Moore riled up the female fans in the audience by noticing, “there are more country girls here than anywhere in the world!”

Red Solo cup in hand, he called Sacramento “the best keep secret ever” and went on to perform a 10-song set chock full of cheeky lyrics.

The raucous audience raised their beers in appreciation of Moore’s saucy hits like, “If You Don’t Like My Twang,” “Bait a Hook” and “I Could Kick Your Ass,” which he dedicated to all the “rednecks” in California.

Moore next slowed it down with a few love ballads, “My Kind of Woman,” “If Heaven Wasn’t So Far Away” and the particularly sappy, “‘Til My Last Day,” his hit single written in dedication to his wife.

As his performance came to a close, he jokingly thanked the audience for buying tickets they couldn’t afford, especially the fans sitting in the “cheap seats.”

With the energy high and the audience in the throes of a romance with country music, Moore gave over the stage to the star of the night.

Shelton opened his 15-song set by injecting some honky-tonk into Kenny Loggins’ classic, “Footloose.”

With a country twang that made hearts flutter, he revved up the audience for a lively performance.

“I know you all have to go to work tomorrow morning but I don’t give a crap! Let’s have a good time tonight!” before going on to sing, “It’s All About Tonight.”

Shelton crooned about living, loving and (naturally) drinking. He sang current radio hits including "Drink On It," “God Gave Me You” and “Honey Bee,” and got the crowd stomping their cowboy boots with upbeat hits like “Hillybilly Bone” and “Some Beach.”

Fans were treated to a surprise duet with Shelton and season one runner-up from “The Voice,” Dia Frampton. A Sacramento native, Frampton took the stage donning a Kings jersey, to Shelton’s dismay.

“That’s cheatin’!” Shelton playfully whined, “I had to wear this stupid vest.”

Using Frampton’s appearance as an opportunity for a little bit of self-promotion, Shelton called the NBC hit show the “coolest thing” he’s ever done.

In a nod to his co-star, Shelton injected a bit of pop into the Pavilion with Cee Lo’s “Forget You.” Interrupting his own song halfway through, he asked himself out loud what he was thinking singing a pop song at a country show.

Switching gears back to his own genre, Shelton belted out a few tunes from wife Miranda Lambert. Chaos ensued when Lambert took the stage, surprising the excited crowd.

With the thrill of Lambert still in the air, Shelton wound down the night with classics from early on in his career like, “Nobody But Me,” and his first debut single, “Austin.”

Shelton made hearts pitter patter yet again when he put a couple on the Jumbotron and encouraged a man to sing the lyrics to “Who Are You When I’m Not Looking” to his date. The man obliged, much to the delight of his girlfriend (and the audience).

During another strategically planned PR move, Shelton put his own Twitter page up on the big screen, performing a live tweet to “his people” in Nashville, who Shelton said give him trouble for drinking, raising hell or tweeting.

The later-deleted tweet kicked off the sassy, “Kick Your Ass.”

As the show came to a close and Shelton exited the stage, the crowd was left wanting much more.

Giving into the crowd’s pleads of “Blake! Blake! Blake!” Shelton returned to the spotlight with Moore by his side.  The two performed a bonus duet of “Whiskey Ain’t Working Anymore."

As the show came to a close, fans left completely enamored with Shelton’s country boy charm; Men want to be him and women want to be his "Honey Bee."

Following a St. Patrick’s Day performance in Las Vegas, and a quick stop in Reno, Moore and Shelton are heading back across the country to the Bismarck Civic Center in North Dakota on Tuesday.



Photo credit: Steven Chea, Steven Chea photography

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