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Real Relationships: Don’t forget about yourself

The holiday season is typically full of fun and festivities: work parties, family get-togethers, nights out with friends, and don’t forget all the shopping! It is during this time of year that I find myself busy, tired and lacking in a little personal time. Don’t get me wrong — I love the holidays, the parties, the decorations and all of it, but sometimes I get tired.

The scheduling, the invitations and the cleaning followed by the cooking, shopping and general daily life are a lot! I feel like I always get sick shortly after New Years because my body just says, "Enough already."

The solution: There isn’t one. However, don’t forget about yourself in the midst of all the fun. No, I am not suggesting that you go out and buy yourself a gift because you “SO deserve it…”

I was thinking more along the lines of taking a few minutes every day to sit with a cup of coffee or wine. Read a book or take a little bit longer shower. Use the time to gather your thoughts, review the day or make lists of what you need to do that day.

Tackling all the cheer with a plan will leave you more relaxed anyway, but giving yourself a physical and mental reprieve will go a long way in ensuring that you don’t bite someone’s head off when they simply ask if you can pick up something from the store. (Of course I have never done that…)

You will find that the holidays are more fun, more festive and less of a strain on your resources if you remember to take care of yourself.

How do you survive the holiday season? Any great tricks to organize, tackle or refresh yourself? Share with me.

Merry Christmas!

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