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Mary Jane’s Jack Balls: Retail Buzz at Sunrise Pot Shop

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Big, bright, clean and staffed by friendly budtenders who do their homework, Mary Jane’s Wellness does customer-service right — serious like a jewelry store, with a little frivolity of a candy store.

All of Mary Jane’s marijuana is advertised as top-shelf and goes for $10 a gram, about $3 to $5 less expensive for similar-looking sativas, indicas and hybrids elsewhere.

Mary Jane’s is the only dispensary in the Sacramento area rolling Jack Balls, a do-it-yourself experience not unlike a yogurt shop where you pour your yogurt and pile on your own toppings.

In a corner of the dispensary where Mary Jane’s displays its concentrates, patients can roll dried marijuana buds in thick, condensed hash oil, then coat the oily buds in kief, the dusty, finely grou­nd particles of marijuana flower.

Pick your own bud from a bowl, use hemostats to manipulate the bud through the oil and then through the kief.

Mary Jane’s owner, Mark Mitnick, likens the dispensary’s Jack Balls bar to DIY yogurt shops. I say the concept’s more like a shop where you make your own chocolate truffles.

The experience of Jack Balls, made, essentially, with three layers of three different forms of the Jack Herer sativa-dominant strain, is similar to eating a chunk of Valrhona chocolate that’s been covered in Valrhona chocolate ganache and then dusted in Valrhona cocoa powder: a deeply satisfying, layered release that tastes great and feels great in concert and combination.

Jack Balls, or portions of them, may be be smoked in a pipe, in a bong, in a joint or may be vaporized. I enjoyed the Jack Ball I made today rolled in a joint. Mitnick tossed the Jack Ball into a coffee grinder reserved for such purposes along with a bit of Jack Herer shake to compensate for the sticky oil and help make the joint roll and burn smoothly. Mitnick fluffed out the ground mixture and marveled at how “it moves.”

I dangled the joint from my lips for a long time before I lit it; it numbed my lips nicely.

After I lit the joint, the joint lit me with a cerebral, focused high. I chalked that up to the strain’s sativa side, which tested at 17 percent THC content in the lab result.

That thing that numbed my lips with the joint dangling? Definitely the hash oil that tested at 74 percent THC — the same stuff, Mitnick says, that medicates Bhang, the edibles industry’s top chocolate.

The hash oil hit in waves, first in mild convulsive coughs from the concentrated smoke (as I said, I was smoking the joint) and then, as hash does, like waves on the beach — and tonight the tide crashed hard at first, in the anxious way that both sativa and hash can, and then, without warning, placid waters prevailed, as hash allows.

The bud itself had a musty, spicy force. The concentrated oil sweetened the flavors and effects. The kief added a high-note floral finish.

Half a joint off a Jack Ball and I was full, and hungry for more at the same time. Hash will do that to a man. Self-control and responsible medicating required around Jack Balls.

Make your own Jack Balls at Mary Jane’s for $18 for roughly 1.5 grams, about enough for two joints if you add your own shake, or $30 for 2.5 to 3 grams. Or buy Jack Balls pre-made and pre-packaged.

Don’t like the uplifting, somewhat caffeinated buzz of Jack Herer? Maybe you want bud and kief from an indica like Grandberry for a deeper-body medicinal effect? Mary Jane’s offers options. Buy any bud at Mary Jane’s and give it the Jack Balls treatment for $5.

The hash oil that’s used to make Jack Balls costs $80 for 2 grams. Jack Balls is a nice way to taste-test a high-ticket medicine before you buy the whole vial.

Likewise, those $20 bottles of tincture you’ve been tempted to buy but just can’t commit to because of the cost? Mary Jane’s packages its tinctures in $5 trial-size bottles.

There’s retail wellness for you.

Mary Jane’s Wellness
2271 Sunrise Blvd. Suite B, (916) 635-BUDS

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