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Fire Dance in Sacramento on August 13th 2011

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8 years ago I moved to Sacramento after a year of travelling around Oregon and California.  I was fortunate to connect with a small group of people learning the art of fire dance and Poi spinning.  I had been exploring the art in different communities throughout the bay area for a couple of years prior.  Never did I think at the time that the next 8 years would unfold as they have.  To my complete amazement, I still dance with the same people I met here 8 years ago, now calledhttp://www.sacredfiredance.com/Events.  We have been fortunate enough to build bonds that have withstood the test of time, well at least 8 years of time and as I’ve learned in the Fire Dancer world, that is a relatively long time.  I still enjoy every moment of practice, rehearsal, and growth and love how the longer we stay connected the more fluid our dances become. 

In the beginning, we were constantly met with rules and regulations prohibiting fire dancing, as it was still relatively new here in Sacramento, there wasn’t alot of support in creating an environment for growth, or at least we didn’t know at the time how to receive that support.  In came the Sacramento Convention and Visitors Bureau, who upon contracting us for a New Year’s Eve gig, which we still perform yearly on New Years Eve in Old Sac, we were able to begin developing a professional relationship with those who would be the people that have helped us carve out a space for growth over the years.  After several years of working within the guidelines being presented we began gaining official approval and permiting for our shows and the places where we perform.

As a way to honor the community connection and give local fire dancers and groups (yes there are more than one) a platform to perform I applied for and received a grant from SMAC (the Sacramento Municipal Arts Commission) in 2008 to put on a themed fire show with local fire artists.  This show became the beginning of our annual festival called the Fire Spectacular.  The Fire Spectacular first occured on August 8th 2008 at 8pm (there is something magical about the 8’s).

The Fire Spectacular is family friendly themed event and 2011 marks the 4th year of the Festival.  In the past we have welcomed Controlled Burn from Reno, The Firebenders, members of the Fire University from Davis, Stacey "Pika" Fuego, Vikram, and of course Obsidian Butterfly along with the Obsidian Butterfly student troupe; Fire Rising.  For 2011 we welcome back The Brotherhood of Firebenders, the Fire University, http://www.sacredfiredance.com/Eventsand another local favorite added to our mix this year, Flux.  Now that we are receiving full support for our art,  I find it exciting that we will be all be coming together this year at William Land Park in the amphitheatre under a full moon on August 13th to share our art and talents wtih the greater Sacramento community.  Now that Sacramento in all its beauty and splendor has fully supported our growth for 8 years and counting, it’s the least we can do to show our appreciation but to come together and put on a fabulous Fire Dance show that represents our evolution as a community. 

We will be offering Hoop and Poi workshops in the day (pre-register on the Obsidian Butterfly website), Live music by Drumsum and Mystic Lotus, Vending (still taking vendor applications), and Fire Performance at night.  We, Obsidian Butterfly, host the event and though we no longer receive grant funds to make it happen, we rely on ticket sales and vendor feees to help fund the annual event.  We are also sponsored by Fractured Atlas, a fiscal sponsorship program that helps artists and arts organizations raise money from charitable sources. Fractured Atlast is a non profit sponsorship that takes donations on behalf of our event.  2011 funding has been low and we are looking for community support to raise enough money to make the festival continue happening on a yearly basis.  We hope in the future to expand the fire element to include fire sculptures as made by local fire artists.  To help us raise enough funding for our event, you may purchase tickets (directly through our website), sign up for a workshop, donate money through Fractured Atlas, or book us for a show; all of which help us continue sharing our talent with the local community.     

For full event details and ticketing information, please visit the Obsidian Butterfly website at   http://www.sacredfiredance.com/Events

Where does Obsidian Butterfly perform other than the Fire Spectacular?

Everywhere including backyard parties, Luau’s, weddings, receptions, corporate events, grand openings, birthdays, childrens’ parties, movies, music videos, fundraisers, photoshoots, festivals, holiday parties (yes even during all seasons).  We offer silk and glow shows for day or indoor events. 

Does Obsidian Butterfly Travel?

Of course.  We service the entire Sacramento Valley from North Lake Tahoe to South, from Clear Lake to the Bay Area, Modesto, Lodi, Stockton, Ripon, Oakley, Hilmar, Chico, also including Santa Fe New Mexico and Portland Oregon. 

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