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The Rusty Anomaly and Some Angels

Picture is of Paul Dale Roberts with The Rusty Anomaly

By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager

By having my cell phone number out in all of my articles, I get some interesting stories and reports. This report comes from Becky Lawrence of Sacramento California.

Becky makes claim that on October 12, 2010 she encountered an angel. The angel was 7 feet tall and had wings and a halo. She was unable to make out if it was a female or male. The angel had very pale skin, but looked very strong. The angel was carrying a green crystal triangle. As the angel approached her bedside, the angel placed the triangle object at the foot of her bed. Becky could hear the angel speak to her, the voice went inside her head. The angel says: "I am Mi-soon, you are to witness events, be prepared child." Becky was unable to move, she felt paralyzed, she was completely aware of her surroundings, but was unable to scream, talk or move. She says that she felt like she was frozen in time.

I asked her what the angel was wearing and she tells me the angel was wearing a tight white one piece body suit and to the left side of the suit was strange writing. I asked her to describe the writing and she remembers a lot of strange scribbles and the scribbles seemed to glow. She goes on to tell me as the triangle was placed on her bed, her whole bedroom vanished and she could see parts of the Earth. The Earth was being engulfed in water. There was water everywhere, people screaming and then one part of this experience, she could make out what she thought was part of Sacramento, perhaps the Natomas area, because she recognized the former Arco Arena. Huge waves were pounding against the arena, cars were being slammed against buildings, trees.

The angel touched the triangle and when this happened, the images were gone and so was the angel. The only thing that was left was like a snowy substance that seemed to fall from her bedroom ceiling. When she went to touch the snowy substance it would instantly evaporate. Becky held onto this secret, until now. I hope what Becky saw was a bad dream, because if it has any substance of truth, this may be a dire warning.

It appears that angels may exist, because credible witnesses have came forth to make claims of seeing angels. In 1985 Cosmonauts Leonid Kizim, Vladimir Solevev and Oleg Atkov claim they saw a odd orange light engulf their space station and inside this strange orange light, they saw 7 giant humanoid figures suspended in space. These humanoids had wings and misty halos.

In 1996 Flight 600 from New York to Denver, carrying 175 passengers encountered angels. The pilots claim they saw angels 40 to 50 feet tall hovering in the air. The co-pilot photographed the angels and experts make claim the photo is authentic.

So perhaps angels do exist?

I just bought a 2010 Kia Forte (rusty color). This vehicle will be utilized in my paranormal investigations. I originally called it the ‘Rusty Orb’, but decided to find a more catchy name. I asked my Facebook friends to come up with some names. Here are some of those suggestions. Brenda Lou Brown says keep the name Rusty Orb. Dee Dove gave me a catch phrase.."Ghosthunting is my forte". Marci Moses says to call it ‘The Fortean Crusader’. John Shue names it The Fortean Forte. Judy Liston Gross votes for Rusty Orb. Trevor Roth says to call it The Mystery Machine or Spook Mobile. Cheryl Bridgeman says to call it Rusty Boy. Tuesday Perry-Rubsam says to call it The Paranormal Wondermobile or Paul’s Poltergeist. Someone called it the Paranormal Pickle. Tammy Straling comes up with: Blood Avenger, Phantom Seeker and Atonement. Teresa Williams comes up with HPI Response Unit, Creature Cruiser, UFOmobile, The Ghost Getter. Tammy Tash comes up with Sleek Ghost Seeker or Rusty Fala. Kareen Peevyhouse says to call it The Ghostly Forte, Ghostrider or The Wicked Wagon. Shari Calamia A suggests Rusty the Ghost Chaser, Belinda Bentley calls it the Alien Cruiser, Leprechaun Express, Phantom, Phantom Mist, Ghost Cowboy, The Lone Ghostman and Ghost Ranger. Lisa Gottschalk calls it the Paraforte Phenomenon. Angel Wolpert calls it Rusty Spectre, Rusty Phantom or the Rusty Ghost. Carolynn Castro calls it B.A.D. (Beyond a Doubt). James Paris calls it The Paramobile. Jon Michael calls it The Spectral Forte. Jessie Garcia calls it the Mystery Mobile. David Spence comes up with The Ghost Ruster. Danny Vinson calls it the Phantom Forte. Christy Wardlow calls it Forte Ghosts. Cheryl Bridgeman comes back with Out-of-Body-Experience OBE, Cherokee Little with: Truth Seeker, Rusty Orb and Ouija. Becky Cardenas calls it Count Rustula! Shirley Hasselbrink calls it EVP Pur!

THE WINNER IS: THE RUSTY ANOMALY! I almost went back to the name the Rusty Orb, but Paul Leaird of Colgate, Oklahoma came up with a cooler name…the Rusty Anomaly!!

Gina says in her own words: "I’m fine after all these year. In short, I was really withdrawn from people in my teens and mostly tormented by darkness when I was in my twenties. I think because I blocked it out, being tortured in satanic rituals for a period of two years maybe more. I can’t remember time. In my thirties I began to get flash backs of what really happened. But I remembered clear as day hovering above my body in the darkness and watching myself about to be killed. Thinking no way was I going to go back down. Then a faint light began to crowd the darkness and someone grabbed my hand and walked me back down. Then he forcefully tapped each one of the demons on the shoulder making them scatter in confusion. Of course, demons are what I saw in the darkness of purgatory but in our world they were people.

In most of my dreams the name Gabriel is mentioned. Funny to pick my sons middle name as Gabriel and my daughter’s name is Gabrielle; having my kids before I remembered or realized. I don’t believe in religion, just God, Jesus Christ, and Gabriel! Also, I had a random encounter with a white witch. It was at the time I began to feel tormented again and someone following me around. It was disturbing to hear some unknown person speak what was true in my life. My Dad’s sister in Mexico practiced black magic, and this travelled over to people in my surroundings. She told me she would say prayers for me, and slowly but surely I felt free. I tried later going back to see her again but the business was no longer there. Though I had a minor incident about the time I met you and was able to deal with it on my own. Someone had died in the apartment I was living in, its presence lingered. My dreams are now of mostly hunting demons. Entertaining, so I thought at last to write, but it’s been a challenge since I have not written anything at this scale. My grammar and typing is mediocre at that…but it’s been fun so far. Don’t need a priest just an editor. LOL
Have to get myself ready for work…But how are you really doing?" Gina

“The dream took place at a two story mortuary. As I walked inside caskets made of marble teemed the area, and I heard a faint voice crying. Going in deeper the voice became clearer and cried for help. "Help I can’t get out of here." Someone crying for help on the second floor got me started running up stairs to help. Then as I raced up a women pale blonde stringy hair as good as dead caused me to stop and back down from the stairs. She slowly descended in a floating motion toward me. Then beneath her gown she pulled out the most beautiful sword I had ever seen (scratch, no, not true, Lucifer had a fancier one LOL). I continued to back down stumbling backward against a casket and finding a sword awaiting me. We fought with tremendous strength and then I plunged my sword deep into her body. I almost felt a relief, a brief moment I prevailed yet remembered that I could not kill her as she was already dead. The crying upstairs became more frantic. I stared at her, and her eyes entranced me. With each moment her colorless eyes began to darken to pitch black. The blackness began to grow and grow into a tunnel. I felt myself floating deeper and deeper into the abyss of the blackness spinning out of control until I woke.

A typical dream of mine yet most of the time when I dream I’m in control and the victorious one. But realized later what this dream meant.

So a question, you don’t have to answer right away: I dream like this often, demons, aliens, people from the past. I’ve had a reoccurring dream of Mona Lisa and who she really was. Also dream of parallel worlds, and me a hunter of some sort like I’m not from this world. So, are my dreams just dreams or a result of my childhood experience being in contact with the good and bad? Have you ever encountered anyone having this kind of experience. That darn black magic…Yet in the end the dreams are entertaining, I don’t even have to watch movies. LOL

Hope you had a good night.”


An unnamed UFOlogist says that most NORMAL people do not place their cell phone number on the web. He is amazed that I use my cell phone as the paranormal hotline and when a person calls, they get a LIVE person and not a message machine. Because of this, I get some of the best opportunities ever. This is so true, of course I do get a lot of prank calls. Sigh. Paul.

Jarrod Espinoza (my gardener)!

SYFY Channel’s Fact or Faked:
I recently got contacted by SyFy Channel’s Fact or Faked. They are interested in CSM James Norton’s story!

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