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Filipino Ghost Stories by Sacramento Resident Alex G. Paman

809640851 - Filipino Ghost Stories by Sacramento Resident Alex G. Paman

Note: Alex G. Paman is a Sacramento resident and will soon be having a book signing at Barnes & Noble in the Arden Mall Shopping Center.  Here is a review of his latest book:

Name: Filipino Ghost Stories
Author: Alex G. Paman
Publisher: Tuttle www.tuttlepublishing.com
Price: $13.95
Overviewed by: Paul Dale Roberts, President
www.jazmaonline.com – Paranormal Investigator www.hpiparanormal.net
Comments: Alex explains how his mom would tell him frightening stories when he was a little boy in his preface. These stories she would tell was to promote good social and religious behavior and a healthy and natural fear of the unknown. Some of those comical stories are that when he was walking downstairs from his 2nd floor bedroom, that if he did this alone he might face a dreadful snake-haired Gorgon creature. If he was disobedient he might face a giant caterpillar that lived underneath a local bridge. This giant caterpillar was known to devour disobedient children. Alex’s mom even said if he were to misbehave, she might come back as a wailing ghost to torment him. Alex brought back memories of my own mother, who warned me not to swallow watermelon seeds, because I would have a watermelon vine growing in my stomach that would entangle my intestines, causing me to die. My mother told me that if I misbehaved she would come back and haunt me….so, I definitely can relate to Alex’s comments about his mother. How she would use scare tactics in her stories to keep him in line! This is an incredibly fascinating book. I hear all of the stories coming out of the USA and heck I investigate a lot of those stories, but I don’t get ghost stories from the Philippines. In this book, it goes into details about deaths by suicide or drownings, ghosts with unfinished business or what happens when you are touched by a ghost. Alex also describes a variety of ghosts, such as an anniversary ghost, residential ghosts, crisis apparitions, point-of-death ghosts, etc. For anyone new at ghosthunting, this is a perfect reference book to get you started in your paranormal career. I was chilled at the many stories in this book, such as the Tulay na Malamig (meaning The Cold Bridge in Tagalog) or the haunted Koi Pond. There are some stories that will make you squirm and jump out of your seat like The Tightening. A student in a speech lab during the 70s, places on some headphones and the headphones start squeezing her head, tighter and tighter and tighter!! This book has more chills than a Texas long horn meat locker! If you want stories that will bring on the goosebumps, then I highly suggest you order this book now. One more thing, I highly recommend that you turn on all of the lights in your house while reading this book!

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