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Delta Web Printing attends as guest of NBE Downtown

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On Thursday January 27, 2011, one of the partners of Delta Web printing, Kasey Cotulla was a guest to the NBE Downtown networking group to see what it was all about. Kasey read the article that been published earlier in the month in the Sacramento Press and was curious why and indeed how, a group of business people could get together at, as Kasey agreed “the ungodly time of 7.00 am” each Thursday morning. Although it wasn’t held against him, Kasey had a little trouble arriving for the 7.00 am start; well, seeing we are an honest group, he had trouble arriving for our 7.15 am beginning of the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance but the group was more than glad to have him attend.

Kasey is a 50-50 partner in Delta Web printing along with his partner Jim Davis. Although Kasey only became a partner in the business about 2 ½ years ago, he’s spent over 25 years in the printing industry learning and refining his skills. Before joining Delta Web printing Kasey managed one of the largest commercial printers in the Sacramento area as president utilizing his vast operations and customer relations skills.

The other partner in the business with Kasey is Jim Davis and he has more than 30 years of experience in the printing experience. Just like Kasey, Jim was the president of a corporate owned printing company also based here in Sacramento. Jim’s roles and responsibilities included plant manager and production management where he too fine tuned his web printing skills.

Delta Web printing is located in West Sacramento having been in continuous operation since its founding in 1992. The company was started as a focused manufacturer of book, insert, and periodical publishing – and continues to provide these services today. Kasey said “We specialize in book and booklet printing. This specialization affords us an extremely cost-efficient environment for our customers. By combining our expert prepress staff, web printing equipment, and full bookbinding department we are able to meet our client expectations. Our equipment list details the machinery we use to complete your project. But the work is possible due to the experience and commitment of our expert staff. You simply will not find a collection of more knowledgeable printers in one company.”

Each meeting the group gets an update from one of the members on their area of expertise. The speaker this week was Robyn DeLong who is a real estate agent with Coldwell Banker. Robyn gave an update to the group on what is happening locally in the Sacramento area with the residential housing market and from her perspective, the market is starting to heal. If you are looking for a top real estate agent has worked and knows the Sacramento residential real estate market extensively, you can contact Robyn on her mobile phone number which is (916) 224-9580. Robyn is a proud member of the Rotary Club of Sacramento and the Sacramento Association of Realtors and is a life member of the SAR Master's Club.

If you are looking to join a group of professionals that enjoy networking with each other and helping each other succeed, you are welcome to attend one of our breakfast meetings as a guest so you can see how we do things. Part of our approach is to only allow one member from each profession and we can be creative. For example, we have four attorney’s in the group but they each have their own specialization such as business or personal accident or bankruptcy or estate planning. We are currently welcoming new members so if you have an interest in joining the group you can contact the new membership chair which is Cliff Carter at his office phone number of (916) 924 3100. Cliff is also an attorney with Arnold Law Firm where is legal practice specializes in personal injury claims.

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