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Meet Downtown’s New K Street

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Last night’s VIP reception at the new Dive Bar, District 30 and Pizza Rock hopefully is a forecast of the future for the three new development projects. Last night was energizing and packed full of people who moved from one venue to another.

Here are some shots:

District 30 dance club got the VIPs dancing, drinking. and enjoying themselves (above and four below).

Pizza Rock has the semi-truck sticking out of the wall above the bar. It features a special pizza oven that heats to 900 degrees and can cook a pizza in 90 seconds and will also include an Avalon sound system, DJs sitting in the ceiling, Guitar Hero, four pizza ovens and the capacity to churn out 500 pizzas per hour.

Pizza acrobats are on hand to entertain.

George Karpaty, owner of the three new businesses, get in the groove.

William Bevier, one of the VIPs attending, is the owner of Bevier Structural Engineering. His company worked to make the Dive Bar and Pizza Rock safe and sound while sporting a salt water aquarium and the semi-truck.

Bronkar entertained the crowd in front of the venues.

Women acrobats performed in a blown-up bubble.

A mermaid peers at the crowd below from the huge salt water acquarium above the bar.

A supple entertainer twisted around on top of the pianos in the Dive Bar.

Some of the Downtown Sac Partnership staff in the Dive Bar.


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