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Local 39 provides details on tentative deal with city

An official with a union representing 1,600 full-time city workers said that the union and the city government have found a way to avoid lay offs.
Joan Bryant, director of public employees for Stationary Engineers Local 39, told the Sacramento Press that city managers and her union found common ground on contract negotiations Friday afternoon.

Local 39 and the city worked out a tentative two-year agreement, Bryant said. She said the agreement would include no pay cuts. The contract also includes 11 furlough days for the 2010/2011 fiscal year, she said. In the 2011/2012 fiscal year, there would be 12 furlough days.

The tentative contract also would give each employee 40 hours of personal leave time each year of the 2-year period, Bryant said.
Local 39 is guaranteed no layoffs for 2010/2011, she said, with one exception. If the City Council determines there is a fiscal emergency in the Utilities Department, the guarantee is off.

City officials and union representatives are announcing the agreement at a 4 p.m. press conference.

Kathleen Haley is a staff reporter for The Sacramento Press.

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Kathleen Haley

  • I am glad I am one of the 90 people still working. Though the article doesn’t mention that the layoffs are postponed til August 27th. I am disappointed that both sides have to play this political poker game and waited till the last possible moment to make a decision. I was very upset to lose my job, the emotional rollercoaster at home with stress of making quick changes of income and outcome, filing for unemployment, unsure if I would be recalled to my position, taking kids out of day care, filing motions for change of child support and still try to keep a smile on my face. It was a stressful week more than can be written here but basically I felt like a dead man walking while at work. As days went by I felt comfortable to the idea of saying goodbye to the city and was active in finding work. I had the feeling that this was a good thing because everyone tells ya, “there are better things to come”. The lay off day arrives, you say goodbye to co workers and continue to make plans for the better. Then and only then does the city and union come to some terms that with out a doubt could have been done weeks ago. So on the day I was to be laid off, today, I now have to prepare for my job to end August 27th while both sides again continue playing their game. This is how to treat workers (people) who are told “you are the ones that make the city work” that we are the difference? Again I am very happy to be working yet compelled to see what else is out there for me and my family.

    • bye bye Sacpress

      I can only imagine how difficult it is to deal with the uncertainty of multiple lay-off dates.

      Hopefully you have joined the others in your union who are working to decertify Local 39.

    • The layoffs and wage/benifit cuts started in the private sector in 2006. If you have managed to keep most of your employment package up to now, you have done better than most and with the roll backs in the costs housing, vehicles, food, etc., you have increased your buying power and standard of living.

  • Lives of many hardworking City employees have been ruined by the ridiculous games played by both sides. It is a shame that the CIty does not have a CEO that can build reserves in good times and tap those reserves in downturns. The City squandered most of the reserve left by former City Manager Bob Thomas.

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