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A dining experience not to be forgotten- Cafe Americain (Old Sacramento)

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WOW! AMAZING! Cafe Americain is incredible!

I stumbled upon this restaurant while I was looking for a venue to hold my yearly Halloween Vampire Ball. I could not have found a better place anywhere.

I’ll start with my food experience: WOW! I sat down at the beautiful antique bar when a lovely bartender, Chelsea, greeted me and asked me if I’d like to try the Caviar & Champagne Special ($10.00). I was feeling adventurous since I had never actually had Caviar before. WOW! It was smooth, not too salty, just the right amount of snap, and laid upon a little baked pastry with creme fresh. There was also a buttery pancake type of Bellini that had delicious caviar & creme fresh all wrapped up with a lemongrass (I think) little tie. What a surprise! I LOVED IT! Did I mention the champagne? I like a slightly sweet champagne and the bartender knew exactly what to give me. She was adorable and well educated in champagnes!

Much to my surprise the owner, Natalya, came out from the back to introduce herself and ask how my appetizer was. I was totally impressed with Cafe Americain’s personal service and attention to detail. I told her I had never tried Caviar before and was pleasantly surprised. She then proceeded to give me a quick lesson on why Caviar is so decadent. "Our Sturgeon is locally raised in Elverta and the fish actually take 18 years before it can produce Caviar…" Really? I would have never guessed?! I thought I had been eating caviar each time I went for sushi but found out that real, true Caviar only comes from Sturgeon like real Champagne only comes from the Provence of Champagne, France. Ah ha! Dinner and an education, LOVED IT!

On to the main course: I asked Natalya what I should order since everything sounded so great on the menu. She suggested that I try a new pasta with Sturgeon that they were thinking of putting on the menu. I was game!

When my pasta arrived I first checked out the presentation, WOW! It was linguine upon a delightful square plate with grilled veggies, olive oil, and another wonderful flavor I couldn’t place. Upon this delightful bed of pasta and fresh veggies, was a decadent slice of Sturgeon grilled with a delectable, slightly sweet, caramelized sauce. Another WOW! The texture was perfect, not too fishy, and just right! I really wish I was hungry enough to try dessert but after my generous portion I couldn’t eat another bite. I took half of it home to my husband who said the pasta was "some of the best he’d ever had". Trust me, this is big coming from him!

After my meal, I decided to check out the rest of the place…

The restaurant is gorgeous! They have so many wonderful antiques I felt as though I was taken back to the 1800’s. Colorful chandeliers, gorgeous dark wood & marble furniture, just beautiful! The attention to detail was incredible, I just loved it. I ventured out onto the back veranda which over looks an amazing courtyard & fountain. I can imagine a wedding or maybe Sunday brunch taking place there. Beautiful. I noticed that the door to their Speakeasy club, now called the Crescent Club, was open so I checked it out. WOW! There is nothing like this club in Sacramento! I found Natalya’s husband, Mike, inside and he greeted me and showed me around. The place was decorated so lovely with incredible velvet furniture a VIP lounge, enough space for two DJ’s and two dance floors, a gorgeous black lacquer bar and beautiful draperies. THIS PLACE WAS PERFECT for the Vampire Ball! YEY, I found my location!

All in all, I was thoroughly impressed with EVERYTHING that Cafe Americain had to offer, service, food, price, location, atmosphere, and the Crescent Club downstairs, OH I am in heaven! I highly recommend Cafe Americain to anyone that is looking for a little elegance and a whole lot of delicious food! A+++

Shannon McCabe
Vampire Ball
Oct 23rd, 2010

Cafe Americain

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