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Kudos to the Power within Sacramento

Kudos to Sacramento Community Members, Activists, Soldiers.

Today I read a comment made to me from Marion Millian. The comment touched me so very much. I attempted to respond to her on the article she posted it on. However, the comment is too long and I will submit it here.

This is not a news article. This may not be newsworthy to many. This is about how a comment made, by Marion to me who I’ve never had the pleasure to meet in person or talk to outside of this forum, has forever touched my heart..

This is about love; reaching out in the spirit of love. This is about how she reached out to me in the Spirit of Love and how I am reaching out to her in the Spirit of Love.

I apologize in advance if this is something that you may feel you wasted your time reading. I warn you this is not news. You may see it as blah, blah, blah. So you might want to stop reading it at this point.

Marion, I don’t want to sound all mushy but the truth is I cried when I read your comment. I cried because I am so very grateful to have been blessed to see so much activism in the midst of so much pain.

You say you like my humor. The truth is I haven’t had humor in a long time. I laugh because I walked a long, hard, painful road often alone. I was afraid to get to know more people because the people would often disappoint me by their deceit. To quote a song, "The smiling faces showed no traces of the evil that lurked within" But the evil would be revealed. That was painful.

Oh, I’m crying as I write this. But these are happy tears, I am rejoicing for being blessed, through this pain, to see so much community engagement. When I often seen en"GAG"ment. l am glad for the typo.lol

I laugh because there have been times, more often than not, when I cried, seeing so many people holding their tongues with one hand and holding out their other hand to get money.

You touched my heart; a heart that was broke is now repairing. A heart that was swollen feeling as though it was bursting with pain is filling with love.

I use to only see engagement when money was available and people came as leprechauns to get their share of the pot of gold. To see a rainbow, of so many community members responding, participating, offering so much insight, knowledge, passion after a storm is so beautiful; it’s worth crying for.

You have inspired me beyond my wildest dreams. It’s been a long hard painful road that I chose to walk sometimes in the dark alone because I kept being ambushed by special interests.

I was often afraid of the special interest monsters, the greed and deceit, of so many overwhelmed me. But I knew the reward would pay off if I kept going. I found my way here, on SacPress, to see soldiers standing against deceit, trickery and the games often played within the political hell many have lived in.

I am no longer fearful of the man behind the curtain; because I see so many standing not in the audience but on the stage waiting to disarm the deceit.

Good overshadows bad, love overshadows hate, truth overshadows deceit and engagement overshadows lack of public concern. Oh and then there is change.

After reading your comment to me and after reading various articles and responses from active community members/ genuine activists engaged in the plight of this community; I am whole, not broken.

I feel like I’m walking on air. I feel peace around me.

I don’t deserve the praise. I give God all the honor, glory and praise for taking me to where I needed to go, showing me what I need to see, allowing me to receive love by you, people I have never personally known

And God deserves the praise for letting me know I am not alone. I can awaken from this nightmare and see a sweet dream of what the future can hold.

I am blessed to see beyond myself and see the stream of community awareness, community support, community engagement and community soldiers/ activists.

I want to thank you Marion and all of the people who contribute insightful, knowledgeable and sometimes colorful discussions; in the Spirit of Love from my heart.

More people have awakened. What was dead for some has been resurrected; the Spirit of genuine activism is very much alive in Sacramento, California.

I also give thanks to Sacramento Press for this forum to release the voices of Sacramento’s community soldiers.

The power of change is not in elected officials. The power of change is in the people.

People on the forum may not always agree but we hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created equal on this forum. We all have a voice. This is wonderful. Thank you all for showing me the love, passion, soldiers within the city of Sacramento.

I want to thank you all for being an inspiration to me at a time when I so desperately needed to see and believe in the power of the people!

I want to give special thanks to a genuine community activist, a strong community soldier, Marion Millin because it was the comment you wrote to me which released much pain from my heart.

Kudos to the Community members, community activists, and community soldiers so actively engaged in Sacramento politics and politicians.

The Power in Sacramento is within the People!

In the Spirit of Love and Peace
Rhonda Erwin

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