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Big brother promises to get bigger

Code enforcement officers are no longer going to accept a note on the door as evidence that the tenant does not want them to enter the property.  They want at least a telephone number.  I realize that in this day and age, even most grammar school kids have a cell phone, but there is still a large segment of our population that  does not have phones.  I don’t believe there is a law requiring the ownership of a telephone. (so far).

Building Inspectors John Leno and Chuck Monsen tell me that, in any case,—note or no note—the owner or the owner’s representative must hang about the property during the 4 hour time schedule to meet with the inspector.  They also told me that this hit or miss inspection effort will continue for a period of five years.  If, at the end of five years, the same tenant still resides at a given property, they will find  "other means" to gain access to the property. I would assume this means a search warrant, but I was taught that no (sober) judge would sign a search warrant without probable cause.  Probably ’cause the city wants to snoop around inside your house?   Once it gets enough info, it can condemn the property and then voilà, the city will be your new landlord.  I swear, it makes me think of the Mafia, lending money  at vigorish to business people and then casually taking over the business after boosting the original owner out.  But of course, that’s illegal.

The reason I’m writing about this is not what some  readers think.  I have absolutely no vested interest (nor does any of my family) in this debacle.  I rent a townhouse. I get along with my landlord and we work things out.  If there were ever a real problem, I could call code enforcement and complain.

The real point here is infringement of rights.  Someone once said,  How do you eat a cow?" The answer: "A bite at a time."  How does the city (or any other branch of government) chip away at  our freedom as US citizens?   A bite at a time. Just a bite at a time. Think about that for a while before dashing off commentaries.

We have (had) a great, a really wonderful Constitution.  I guess it’s like the Bible.  Everybody reads what he likes in it and tosses the rest.

That’s just my opinion

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