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Press Release: Police union challenges Roth’s statements

Mark Tyndale, vice president of the Sacramento Police Officers Association, sent the following statement to media outlets Tuesday:

My concerns regarding the ethics of Dan Roth from Councilmember Tretheway’s Office continue grow as it seems he is weaving a series of dishonest explanations to justify his behavior on the morning of Friday, April 9th. On the YouTube video, he is with Tretheway’s campaign manager from Capitol Campaigns, Corin Choppin, as he pulls Angelique Ashby’s political signs out of the ground and throws them behind the bushes. Apparently, Corin is not only Tretheway’s campaign manager, but is also married to Tretheway’s Chief of Staff, Randi Kay Stevens. 

It seems that Roth does not dispute that he was there as a paid city employee; however, he initially claimed to channel 3 that he was responding to a constituent’s complaint regarding the placement of the political signs that had been received through the city’s 3-1-1 service.  Unexplained is why Choppin is taking action of removing the signs in response to a complaint Roth said he received in the course of his official duties.

Roth has now revised his version, stating that the complaint came in to his office in the form of an email from Ron Dwyer-Voss (Who is listed as a Tretheway supporter on the attached document and former client of Capitol Campaigns.)  Roth gave me a copy of the email that he said he received and has now claimed that it was blind copied to him by Dwyer-Voss.  (Attached). 

The first thing I noticed was that the email was only addressed to Angelique Ashby which would have been the correct email format for her copy of the email if it had other blind copy destinations; but the copy Dan Roth received would have had the recipient address he received it on.  Blind copy recipients do list that information on the blind copy recipients version.  The copy he provided was the version sent only to Angelique.

The format also seems improper for an email, as if it were a copy of the sent version from Dwyer-Voss, not a copy received by a City terminal.  I have to wonder if we are now seeing a conspiracy between Roth and Dwyer-Voss to cover for Roth’s earlier dishonesty. 

In a statement to the Sacramento Press, Roth also seems to be saying that he intended to forward the complaint to 3-1-1, which makes no sense at all.  I cannot think of circumstances that would warrant that, but since he mentioned the 3-1-1 system in his earlier version of his explanation, it seems as if he feels he needs to tie it into this version as well.

The California Public Records Act request being made by 522 also includes office emails.  I have a very strong suspicion that there will not be a record of a blind copy email to Roth from Dwyer-Voss on that morning.

As I stated earlier, I am disappointed with the actions of Roth and Choppin for removing the signs, but I think an apology to Angelique and the Natomas residents would have properly addressed my concerns.  My concerns with a potential cover up from the District 1 City Council Office and the lying that would accompany it have grown with the emergence of each new inconsistent explanation that is offered.  If my suspicions are proven, I think the proper response from Councilmember Tretheway has to be to fire Dan Roth, or ask for his resignation.  The credibility of his Office will suffer significant damage if he does not deal with the situation properly.

Please feel free to use or quote any portion of this email.

Mark Tyndale
Vice President, Board of Directors
Sacramento Police Officers Association


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