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Parade of Lights attracts hundreds

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The First Annual Sacramento Parade of Lights began at 17th and Capitol on Saturday evening.  An eclectic group of participants and onlookers crowded the mile-long route.

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Anthony Bento

  • bye bye Sacpress

    It was a great neighborhood event. The little ones loved it!

    Java City sure underestimated the turnout… folks lined up out the door and only 2 employees? Their loss I guess!

  • This was a nice event, but the poor execution of the L street closure was a real killjoy. A black SUV parked right in front of a no-parking sign and obstructed the view from outside Ginger Elizabeth’s for like 20 minutes. And the through traffic didn’t help either. If the someone is going to go through the trouble of a parade, close the street properly, please. There wasn’t even any cops around to enforce the no parking.

  • ….zone opposite the lane reserved for the parade route. I wanted to report the black SUV that was parked in front of where I was standing. .

  • A good thought and hopefully it will be better executed next year. The fact that L and 19th streets were open to one lane of traffic was lame. Seriously, they couldn’t have closed those couple blocks for one hour?

  • Lesley Miller

    We tried to watch the parade from inside the L Wine Lounge. The out of town guests I brought were just as annoyed as I was that L Street was still open to cars. Talk about a lawsuit waiting to happen! I hate to be a downer, but these pictures make the parade look much more impressive than it actually was.

  • We’ll close 19th & L Streets next year; it was just the 1st; you have to start from somewhere. Great job Tassina!

  • I looked for the parade but the only info I had was “The Handle.” Nobody I asked had ever heard of it. I watched the ice skating and then went to the play at Lambda. But I would have liked to see the parade.

  • Great fun! Great turnout! Great people! Great job Tassina! The lady with the cigarette….

  • Yes Lesley, you are being a downer . You have no idea how much work goes into putting on an even. Tassina worked for at least four months to get this started and she owns/works 7 days a week in her shop…so it took alot of effort to get this going!
    I just get so tired of the general malise and negativity of people.
    It seems to become a habit to look for something to criticise and then quickly get it out there for all to see.

  • Matthew Ceccato

    Nice pictures. Watching people parade down the street covered in lights puts me in the holiday spirit. This parade was what midtown needed, something to bring us all together.

  • great job . . . .
    its very hard to put on a parade
    let alone on short notice
    and in the evening as a night parade
    and in downown/midtown
    as a shriner , I’ve been in parades for over 30 years

    there was great attendance and was a wonderful achievement

    next year will be bigger and better I’m sure

  • You can thank PM for throwing a grinch, or a pig, into the parade route closures. It was planned, and agreed that the route would be closed during the parade. Apparently valet parking was more important than SAFETY, or a fun, family – COMMUNITY event. For a guy who prides himself on the joy of Christmas and the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life”, I think he’s now on the naughty list!

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