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40 Acre Art Gallery & Former Johnson insider Kim Curry-Evan Resigns; Cites Mayor Behavior & Actions As Reason

KCE - 40 Acre Art Gallery & Former Johnson insider Kim Curry-Evan Resigns; Cites Mayor Behavior & Actions As Reason

Gallery to close, Director cites Mayors Actions as Reason

Earlier this week, Kim Curry-Evans, Director of the 40 Acres Art Gallery in Oak Park announced that she will be leaving her position and closing the doors of 40 Acres as a result of alleged behavior by Mayor Kevin Johnson.  Curry-Evans also announced that she will immediately be resigning from the Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission.

When asked by KCRA, Kevin Johnson reponded by saying that the situation was a personal matter and that St HOPE will determine if the gallery will actually close.

Below are the emails that Curry-Evans sent to supporters, St HOPE staff, and members of the Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission:

Hello SMAC staff and Commissioners –

As long-time supporters of the 40 Acres Art Gallery, and as the one organization in Sacramento with which I have maintained ties since my first day here, wanted to make sure you were aware of something that has recently occurred. The following statement has been distributed to St. HOPE’s board.

I will also not be able to continue on as a commissioner with SMAC, effective immediately. There is much that I must do and consider as I move forward with the next chapter in my life, and SMAC’s work with the city, particularly in light of Kevin’s arts initiative, places me in an uncomfortable position.

I appreciate your understanding.



"I have recently received information regarding St. HOPE founder Kevin Johnson’s personal behavior and actions that make me unable to continue working for St. HOPE. I have pursued St. HOPE’s and the 40 Acres Art Gallery’s missions with passion but I cannot continue that passion given my new knowledge.

As a result, the 40 Acres Art Gallery will close its doors on December 23, 2009. This date coincides with the closure of the exhibit, Amazing Wonders: Quilts by African Americans in the Northern California Region. I am duty-bound to continue my work on this monumental and important project and to honor my commitments to the staff, artists, lenders, students, and sponsors involved in the exhibition.

I am very proud of the seven years that I have contributed to Oak Park and Sacramento and pleased to have affected so many lives. Knowing that this region’s art landscape has been forever transformed as a result of 40 Acres’ exhibitions, educational programming and outreach, also gives me great pride and I trust that the arts will continue to flourish in the region."

Kim Curry-Evans
40 Acres Art Gallery


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