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The Bloc Concert Series canceled

The Bloc Concert Series has been canceled.

Paragary marketing director Callista Wengler confirmed today that the series will not continue. It was scheduled to run the last Saturday of each month through September.

The Paragary Restaurant Group organized the and ran the first two concerts to earn money for the Marshall Park Fountain Fund Committee.

"We’d love to keep doing it, but it’s just really expensive, and the costs were just way more than was expected," Wengler said. "The synergy between the outdoor space and the restaurants makes a great entertainment venue for people."

Problems such as a lack of communication and organization began before the concert’s debut on May 30, the same day as Midfest. The first concert had been held in conjunction with Midfest, which led to obstacles in obtaining a special events permit.

"It sucks. It really does suck," said MBA Board Member Shawn Eldredge. "I’d like to have as many events as I can possibly attend."

Eldredge has long supported Midtown events at Neighborhood Advisory Group (NAG) meetings. In one instance, he and 17 Midtown residents attended a NAG meeting to show more support for Midtown events.

He created a Facebook group entitled "We Live Here Too" whose mission is to support the active nightlife and urban lifestyle in Midtown and Downtown.

Bill Burgua, chair of the Marshall School/New Era Park Neighborhood Association said better planning would make future events more successful.

"I don’t think the neighborhood is going to be that sad," he said. "We’re not against events, [as long as] they have a well spelled-out policy [and] a designated limit on numbers of events."

Burgua said they have had success working with the city for a jazz event at Grant Park.

"Hopefully down the road when the economy gets better we can try it again," Wengler said.

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