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Two-Way Conversion Project

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 A new traffic signal was erected this morning at 10th and H street. This is the first stage of a project that will convert 10th street, currently one-way running north, to two-way traffic between E and I streets. 9th street is also included in this conversion, changing from a one-way running south to two-way between E and H streets. Bike lanes and parking spaces will also added on either side of the street for both 9th and 10th. One benefit of the change will be increased access to the underground parking garage below City Hall.

The conversion is scheduled for this Sat., Feb. 21 and the roads will be open to two-way traffic by Mon., Feb. 23. There will be no closure to traffic during the project.

This is part of the Central City Two-Way Conversion Project which gained approval on seven similar projects. Below is a list of the seven first-priority projects, the only one of which to be completed after Monday is J street between 30th and Alhambra. The project is meant to improve neighborhood livability, relieve traffic congestion, and increase pedestrian safety. Sacramento Press reported on the conversion of N street to two-way traffic in Nov. 2008.

The City Council approved the following package of seven first priority streets for conversion:

  • 19th Street (H Street to Broadway, from three lanes to two lanes with bike lanes)–completed
  • 21st Street (I Street to W Street, from three lanes to two lanes with bike lanes)–completed
  • N Street (21st Street to 28th Street, to two-way)– completed
  • 3rd Street (I Street to J Street, to two-way)– completed
  • J Street (30th Street to Alhambra Boulevard, to two-way)
  • 9th Street (E Street to I Street, to two-way)– in progress
  • 10th Street (E Street to I Street, to two-way)– in progress

Have any of these projects improved your commute or "neighborhood livability"? Do you see these as valuable changes? Will the project on 9th and 10th streets improve your daily commute in any way? How do you feel about the city converting sections of one-way streets to two-way?

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