Extra funds for R Street improvement project

The R Street improvements currently under construction from 10th to 13th streets are getting a few more amenities, as construction left extra funds in an approximately $1 million $1.5 million federal grant allocated to the project. The City Council unanimously voted Tuesday to approve 13 more pedestrian benches, 13 banners affixed to streetlights and a decorative arch that spans R Street at 10th Street and a pedestrian arch over the sidewalk on 12th Street and R Street, to be constructed by Teichert Construction, the main contractor for the project. “This will be the icing on the cake to R street and will make the area more pedestrian-friendly,” Sacramento Department of Transportation spokeswoman Linda Tucker said. The R Street improvement project  will add uniformity to the area that currently lacks consistent curbs, and it will also add parking spaces and street lights as well as restore the area’s mixed-use industrial, business and residential buildings. Adding the new benches, banners and archways was an extension of federal funds already dedicated to the project. “We got the go-ahead from Caltrans to make use of federal funds already budgeted for the project,” Tucker said. According to Department of Transportation Project Manager Zuhair Amawi, a lot of thought went into the improvements. “The selection of the concepts and design of the items in the change order was the result of […]

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HIGHLIGHTS FROM TEDX SACRAMENTO April 16 2010 at Hinde Auditorium, 6000 J Street Sacramento, CA 95819.

April 16 marked the arrival of TEDx in Sacramento, bringing a “TED-like experience” to our area. What is TED? TED stands for “Technology, Education, Design.” It is a small nonprofit organization devoted to “Ideas Worth Spreading.” Started in 1984, its purpose has spread to include an annual U.S. conference in Long Beach as well as a TEDGlobal conference in the United Kingdom, a TEDTalks online video site, an annual TED Prize, a nationwide local program called TEDx and more. Per TEDx Sacramento, “The TEDx Conference provided a license and general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized.” Brandon Weber, TEDx Sacramento curator, said the local team wanted to create a special event to “lay the foundation for a strong TEDx presence in Sacramento…to contribute to the dialogue of ideas and encourage creativity, innovation and action in our beloved city.” The event was held at the Hinde Auditorium at California State University, Sacramento, to a packed house of several hundred registrants, and the program was recorded for subsequent online viewing. Weber started the program by saying TEDsters are in a class of their own, that TED conferences are a mix of things and that we would be watching live video from other TEDx conferences in addition to live multimedia presentations. The first presentation was a video called “Derek Sivers: Weird, or just […]

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“Complete Streets” workshop Friday

 Planners will gather in Sacramento Friday for a workshop that focuses on creating safer, more accessible streets in the central city and beyond. The Local Government Commission and the Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District are hosting a "Complete Streets" workshop to educate people about the need to transform more vehicle-dominated roadways into streets that are healthy, safe and easy to use for people on foot, bicycles and wheelchairs. "’Complete street’ is a term that’s emerged in the last four to five years to really address the need to have policies that result in streets that accomodate all users, not just people in a car," said Paul Zykofsky, director of the Local Government Commission’s land use and transportation programs. The commission, which began as the SolarCAL Commission in the 1970s, is made up of local government officials concerned primarily with creating livable communities. More diverse use of streets also can bolster air quality and lessen impacts on land and water. "It means taking a more holistic approach to the way we design, build and operate our streets," he said. The California Department of Transportation, Sacramento Area Council of Governments and WalkSacramento also are sponsoring the workshop, which will be held Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at the Sheraton Grand Hotel, 1230 J St. Most of those attending are expected to be private and […]

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Sacramento Police Department begins series of crosswalk operations

During the Sacramento Police Department’s crosswalk operation early Thursday, 18 citations were handed out to law-breaking motorists. Intersections targeted downtown were 30th and Q, Alhambra and F, and J and 17th Streets.  The drivers caught during the sting-like operation were given citations and will be paying around $150 or more for their mistakes, with the fine amounts varying depending on the driver’s past citations and driving history. Conducted in a sting-like manner, police officers crossed crosswalks throughout the city’s intersections while dressed in plain clothes.  Waiting for unsuspecting drivers, patrol cars and motorcycle officers were stationed at various streets to keep an eye on the undercover officer crossing the street and ready to reprimand violating drivers when needed.  According to the department’s website, in Sacramento last year there were 204 traffic accidents involving pedestrians and seven of them resulted in fatalities. Not all the drivers who fail to yield cause accidents or are cited but the police department is well aware of the growing problem. “We get enough complaints about [drivers failing to yield] that it is necessary to do this,” said police spokesman Sergeant Norm Leong. The department hopes that their efforts will pay off by educating the community and decreasing the number of complaints made to the Traffic Enforcement Unit. Similar operations are planned to be conducted throughout the year around Sacramento.  

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