My recycling container has disappeared again

My recycling container has disappeared again.  It’s only the second time in nine years and, frankly, I’m surprised it hasn’t happened more often.  But it’s still annoying.  This isn’t helped by the fact that the last time I needed to get a new container, the City couldn’t seem to figure out that I lived on a street corner and needed the new container where my driveway is (and where the other containers are) and not halfway up the front path on the way to the front door.  It took three attempts to get a broken container replaced for the same reason. I haven’t even requested a new one this time.  I live about a block and a half from a commercial recycling center and this neighborhood is ground zero for scavenging.  There’s essentially no point attempting to separate items as scavengers go through the containers and transfer content from one to the other while looking for cans and bottles.  They come into the driveway to do it and, if you were disciplined enough to keep the driveway gate closed and locked, they would simply do the same thing on the street on pickup day.  Almost every time I open a container to add anything, the contents have obviously been torn apart or otherwise disturbed. All of the scavengers need something to carry their cans and […]

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Green waste debate to resume

A city staff proposal to eventually stop loose-in-the-street green waste pickup and move to container pickup will not work for all city residents, Interim City Manager Gus Vina said in an interview Thursday. In tree-laden areas such as Midtown, a container is not adequate to hold all of the fallen leaves, Vina said, explaining why he pulled the green waste issue from the City Council’s agenda on Tuesday. “I want to make sure I’ve challenged staff enough on creativity and the solutions that are possible,” Vina said. The plan that Vina delayed would have encouraged moving away from loose-in-the street pickup and raised rates for residents who continue that method of pickup. Assistant City Manager John Dangberg said the green waste issue will be on the City Council agenda again within a couple weeks. The city uses two systems for green waste pickup because of a law that was passed in 1977. Measure A states that the city cannot compel residents to put their green waste in containers. Therefore, the city must continue to provide loose-in-the-street pickup. The proposal that was pulled from the council agenda Tuesday asked the City Council to take steps to eventually overturn Measure A. This would allow the city to enforce containerized pickup as the sole method. Voters would have to approve a counter-measure that would abolish Measure A. City […]

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City budget discussed in Pocket

About 65 Pocket and Greenhaven residents gathered Thursday night to learn about current city issues. City staffers briefed the citizens on the city budget, green waste pick-up services and other topics during the community meeting, which was organized by City Councilman Darrell Fong. Attendees were fully engaged throughout the meeting, asking plenty of questions. It began at 6:30 p.m. and by 8:30 p.m. few had left John F. Kennedy High School on Gloria Drive. City Finance Director Leyne Milstein presented information to the group about the city’s $35-$40 million budget gap for the 2011/2012 fiscal year. She noted that the $35-$40 million represents about 20 percent of the net general fund, which means the city expects to cut its budget by that percentage.  Resident Bob Pecora asked Milstein about ways the city could bolster the economy. “We need to take the initiative ourselves and try to put measures into place that will help us to grow the value of our economy locally,” Milstein responded. The issue of trash pick-up was brought up later in the evening. Resident Roger Fong asked Utilities Department spokeswoman Jessica Hess about problems with his loose-in-the-street green waste pick-up. The city uses two green waste pick-up systems – green waste is picked up in the street or in containers. The Utilities Department is in favor of the container system, which it […]

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Containerized Customer Loose-in-the-Street Yard Waste Collection Begins October 25

The City of Sacramento Department of Utilities reminds its Containerized Yard Waste customers that their Leaf Season Loose-in-the-Street Yard Waste Collection begins October 25, 2010 and will continue every-other-week through December 23, 2010. Customers should note that their loose-in-the-street collection day is not the same as their containerized yard waste collection day. Residents who are unsure of their loose-in-the-street collection day can use the Pick-Up Day Finder at or call 3-1-1. Because Leaf Season brings large piles for collection, the City may fall behind in its scheduled collections. Customers can verify when the City will be collecting loose-in-the-street piles in their neighborhood by viewing the Leaf Collection Map at beginning on November 1, 2010. Acceptable material for collection in the yard waste program is leaves, branches, and grass trimmings. Pet waste and fencing material is not accepted. Customers are requested to limit their tree trimming and to fill their container first and then to place overflow materials in a pile no bigger than 3’x3’x6’ on the street. The Department of Utilities offers eight loose-in-the-street yard waste pick-ups to customers who use a container to collect and dispose of yard waste. A calendar of these pick-up days can be found at

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