About Us

Sacramento Press is an online news platform that covers stories, events, and topics that are relevant to the residents of Sacramento.

Founded in 2008, Sacramento Press was established on the idea that the community has a voice and can work alongside professional journalists to help tell the story. In October 2013, SacPress was sold to a new owner. We are working to redefine ourselves in a way that builds on the belief that the community is still the scaffold of what we do while improving how we report news in a way that is engaging, professional, relatable, and hyperlocal.

Our vision is ever-evolving but we are building on these core values:

Tell relevant stories and stimulate interest in the city’s happenings. The Sacramento Metro Area has more than 2 million residents. We aim to reach our residents with stories that highlight the people, events, businesses, and notable happenings around town. We want to go behind the scenes of Sacramento to uncover the vibrancy of voices, interests, and activities in the city.

Support local businesses. From coffee shops to restaurants, museums to theaters, schools to colleges, small businesses to nonprofit organizations making a difference in our community, we aim to construct stories around the work they do.

People are at the core of our stories. After all, what would a story be without the people who make it one? We aim to maintain a human element in our articles. Our city is filled with knowledgeable and passionate people who are ready to inform residents about topics that matter to them.

Encourage the community to join the conversation. You are the most important piece of Sacramento Press. We like to think we talk with you instead of talking to you. And we want you to talk with us! Whether you join the conversation by responding to articles, letting us know about story-worth things happening in your community, or become a contributing author, your voice matters.