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Three Sacramento Cities Named Best California Cities to Put Down Roots

When it comes to putting down roots, a new study found that three Sacramento cities are among the best in California–and one Sacramento city is not only among the best, but has been named the best.

Folsom made the #1 spot in a study by WalletHub that examined 240 California cities across 22 key metrics that targeted family living, education, health, safety, affordability, and socioeconomic environment. Also impressively making the top ten list is El Dorado Hills (#6) and Roseville (#10).

Other Sacramento communities are not to be left out either as the top 50 included Davis (#18), Rocklin (#27), Elk Grove (#31), and Lincoln (#44).

The factors that the study considered important in determining the places most conducive to family life included the number of attractions, playgrounds, pediatricians, other families, and quality schools per capita. The rates and percentages it looked at included crime rates, unemployment and foreclose rates, high school graduation rates, percentage of two-parent/divorced families, percentage of children lacking health coverage, and percentage of families living below the poverty line. Weather, air quality, and average commute also factored into their results, as did house and living affordability.

Their findings ranked these California cities the best for families:

  1. Folsom
  2. Eastvale
  3. San Ramon
  4. Dublin
  5. Pleasanton
  6. El Dorado Hills
  7. Danville
  8. Aliso Viejo
  9. Palo Alto
  10. Roseville

Interestingly, only two Southern California cities (Eastvale and Aliso Viejo) made the top ten list. The rest went to Northern California cities found in Sacramento, the Bay Area, and Alameda/Contra Costa counties.

Folsom earned the top spot due in part to its #1 ranking in California for a low poverty level and high median income (adjusted for cost of living), and #2 ranking for most affordable housing. Roseville was found to have the most playgrounds per capita in California and Sacramento was named the #6 city for the highest number of attractions.

California’s largest cities didn’t get anywhere near the top spots with the highest rating going to San Jose at #78, followed by San Diego at #96 , Sacramento #130, San Francisco #178, Los Angeles #215.

Of the worst cities, all but one (Oakland) are found in Southern California, most of them near LA.

How did other California cities fare? Click on the map below to find out and read the full study at wallethub.com.

Source: WalletHub

Photo by C.M. Keiner/CC Flickr

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Bethany Harris

Bethany Harris

Bethany joined Sacramento Press in 2013 and enjoys writing articles that uncover the happenings of the city and the people behind the stories who make them so worth telling. A native of Sacramento, she also loves photography, running, and discovering new places and new things to do--both in the city and throughout California.

  • Julie Huey

    Thank you God for all the wholesome Christian Churches you’ve put up here in Folsom, Roseville, etc… Thank you to all the Christian men and women up here who have hearts to serve the wider community, including helping the impoverished to their feets, to make this such a wonderful place to live.

    • Ethan

      Calm down. We’re all ok, I promise.

    • cfbcfb

      El Dorado Hills was a wonderful place to live 25 years ago when there were zero churches and we had services in the high school gym.

      Just sayin’…

  • It’s Me

    Folsom, Roseville and El Dorado Hills are NOT Sacramento. They aren’t even close to town.

    • Paul Gugger

      All are in Sacramento COUNTY

      • It’s Me

        Duh. You just have to travel to actually BE in Sacramento.

        • Paul Gugger

          No you don,t! if you are in any of these cities you are in Sacramento county
          , with your logic if you’re in Sacramento then you’re not in California.

          • Matthew White

            Roseville is placer county and Eldo is Eldorado county. Not Sacramento county.

      • leecendana

        Actually Roseville is in Placer County, El Dorado Hills is in El Dorado County and only Folsom is in Sacramento County.

        • Paul Gugger

          You’re right, my bad.

  • galocke

    For the most part, the “best” cities all have certain things in common with each other. Same with the “worst” cities. I’m referring to political leadership and demographics. So go right ahead and call me names . . .

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