Kim and Dana Moore and Minister Steve Nichols make a beer toast.

Dana and Kimmy Moore have been frequenting New Helvetia Brewing Company since the brewery’s soft opening in December of 2012. When news hit on June 26 that DOMA had been struck down, and that Prop 8 would no longer effectively ban same-sex marriages in California, the two decided to celebrate at their favorite brewery.

Dana and Kimmy were married prior to the passing of Prop 8 in November of 2008, and hoped to honor last month’s SCOTUS decision that reopened the path to gay marriage with a commitment ceremony. New Helvetia beertender Steve Nichols mentioned that he was an ordained minister, and so the two held the ceremony at New Helvetia on July 11.

Jason Spitzer walks Kim Moore to be with her partner before the wedding.

Minister Nichols performs the ceremony.

“It is an enormous honor to be asked to host the union of two people in love,” said New Helvetia owner Dave Gull. “Plus, they are regular customers and neighbors, and really great people.”

The newly wed couple.

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