‘Long Live the Kings’ rally

It’s official. The Kings are staying, the Maloofs are out and Vivek Ranadivé is in.

The Sacramento Kings are inviting fans out to Cesar Chavez Park on Thursday, May 22 from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. Mayor Kevin Johnson, current and former players, Slamson the mascot and prospective owner and TIBCO CEO Ranadive will be in attendance. The event will feature the Kings Dancers as well as live musical performers to celebrate the NBA’s decision to keep the Kings home.

More information via Sacramento Bee available here.

Are you excited about the Kings staying in town with new ownership and a downtown arena, or are you worried about the arena deal could mean for the city? Sound off below.  

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  • P W

    What I’m most excited about is what will eventually become of the old arena site. We mustn’t forget the assurances given by so many that this location will not be forgotten once the new arena is built. Long before then, however, we should expect a definitive plan. I, for one, have proposed a major medical facilty. Natomas is sorely in need of this. The closest hospitals are either UC Davis in Oak Park, or Mercy Hospital in East Sacramento, depending on distance or speed. The many thousands of residents in this part of Natomas deserve to have this service available at a more reasonable distance. Of course, the amount of land would be available for more than this one use. I just hope and pray (depite being an agnostic!) that it does NOT become “Natomas Auto Mall”. Yuk.

    • P W

      Unless it would be a Tesla dealership, then no. Cars are so “2012”! Interesting that this story hasn’t elicited more response by now. It’s one of the more provocative that the Press has published in recent history.

    • And we will need that revenue to pay for this new arena at that.

      That’s right, sports fans and civic boosters, your stadium won’t be cheap. You had better stop opposing any industry and commerce that wants to be in the City of Sacramento, from the little McDonald’s in Oak Park to the Wal-Mart downtown, or wherever they want to go now that the downtown stadium is going to be there.

      And no more Mickey Mouse plastic bag bans either.

      You want a big city toy, you need big city revenue, without Left-topian expenditures.

    • An auto mall is a sales tax gold mine. Don’t you want more revenue?

  • Joel Rosenberg

    Go kings


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