The Kings will continue to call Sacramento ‘home’

Mayor Kevin Johnson will be holding a press conference at 5 p.m. Follow along and join in the conversation here:

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  • Tony Sheppard

    Wow – that was typed in a hurry on a tiny keyboard!

    • Tony Sheppard

      By the way, in case that comment came across the wrong way, I actually very much appreciated the quick article and the heads up on the decision as soon as possible – it just reminded me of times I’ve rushed to type something on my phone, for example, and mangled it with my thumbs. I’d rather have fast news with typos when it’s a breaking story and my comment was written with a “been there!” attitude rather than a critical eye.

      (I even had to edit this comment – and I was at a full-size keyboard with all the time in the world!)

  • Mark

    Mayor Johnson, I tip my hat to your sir. Well played. For all my misgivings (and I still have some) this town sure needed to hear some good economic news for a change.

  • Mayor Johnson & Senate pro Tem Darrell Steinberg, Thank You for your tenacity and believing in Sacramento!

  • Rhonda Erwin
    Under the NBA’s rules, a decision to relocate a team is separate from a decision to sell a team. So under this scenario, the league could support its committee’s recommendation against moving the Kings to Seattle, while still supporting the Hansen group’s efforts to purchase it.

    The league could require Hansen to work in good faith with the city of Sacramento to try to keep the team there, setting a deadline for the construction of a new arena and working to keep attendance high at the games.

    But if the arena wasn’t built according to the schedule, or if attendance slipped at the games, Hansen could apply again for permission to move the team – and it could be more likely to be granted, this source said.

    David Carter, a professor of sports business and marketing at the University of Southern California, said the strategy could work.

    Moreover, he said, it could provide a graceful way out of the situation for the NBA, which on one hand prefers to avoid the public relations fallout that occurs when a team is moved, but on the other might prefer the larger media market and wealthier fan base that Seattle would provide.

    “It allows the NBA to have a strong exit strategy,” Carter said. “They’ve done everything they could to protect a home market, but if it doesn’t perform, they’ve protected themselves.”

    Johnson, a former NBA all-star who played with the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Phoenix Suns, said he understood Hansen’s desire to keep fighting for the team.

    • Rhonda Erwin

      To which Mayor Johnson replied, “If I were them, I would keep fighting too,” the Sacramento mayor said. “I don’t look down or begrudge anybody who’s fighting for something they desperately want.”

      To which I reply, Mayor Johnson, please do not look down or begrudge me when i come a callin– and a fighting for something I so desperately want–life and freedom for Sacramento area youth, Becaise it appears LIFE and FREEDOM have to sit on the bench while your star players (millionaires with money) run across the court to save a basketball team. I seen all the games played tickets darn near given away in fact many were to fill seats to convince them their is a larger fan base than their really is. QUESTION: IF you are gonna darn near give the tickets away HOW do you expect to profit? What was the profit margin from last season? year before?… Can you show us the money? NOW, can life and freedom come off the bench?? or do you have another topic to address? While you were looking at a basketball team Sacramento was the valley of the shadow of death for many of us. I will come a callin and fighting real soon for what so many more of us so desperately want- Life and Freedom for Sacramento area youth


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